Why Chaga Is The "King" Of Medicinal Mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus)

Why Chaga Is The “King” Of Medicinal Mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus)

Why Chaga Is The “King” Of Medicinal Mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus)

With a nickname just like the “king of mushrooms,” Chaga (aka Inonotus obliquus) has so much to reside as much as! Historical and fashionable anecdotes abound claiming this mushroom has an insane quantity of potential advantages. In this entire information, we go over what Chaga is plus how and why you’d wish to use it within the first place.

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0:23 What Is Chaga
2:47 Why Wild Havest Chaga?
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8:22 How To Use Chaga
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39 thoughts on “Why Chaga Is The “King” Of Medicinal Mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus)”

  1. I love chaga and use it at least 3x a week as a chai for interstitial cystitis and after going to a urologist for a yr and my situation was not being helped by Dr I drank some Chaga and Never had to go back to the Urologist. I’ve turned lots of friends onto it and they All love ? it like I do. Chaga is the gold of the forest. My chaga dealer grinds it down like coffee and its Wonderful ?

  2. I had a question might be dumb I'm just starting Chaga I noticed you said certain compounds are water soluble while others are only alcohol soluble would it be possible to get the full benefits of it if you grinded it into a powder and put it in kimchi or some other kind of fermented food

  3. Iive in Maine I have found chaga but I'm more interested in other fungus
    I love giant puffball I slice it bout half inch take 2 slices put provolone slices in between bread and fry and make a puffball parmesan
    Found a few hen of the woods I like better than chicken of the woods
    One of my favs is coral mushroom love the smell and flavor

  4. we have plenty of chaga here in kings county, new brunswick. I could gather several pounds in a couple of hours on my own land. i would share some with you by mail, in moderate quantities, for monetary compensation at fair market valuation. also, can anyone comment on the possibility of a genetic connection between chaga on birch trees, and black knot disease on cherry trees? nectria canker on beech, etc? are those tissues used medicinally at all also?

  5. You gave a good presentation and were honest about what you don't know. However after only one viewing of this video, I don't understand the health benefits of this fungus.
    Vitamin A and E in food and drugstore capsules are good anti-oxidants, costs less and easier to use than this. You need to explain that anti-oxidants may possibly help prevent free radicals which damage cells in the body, causing aging and possibly causing cancer. Unproven.
    What good are terpenes to humans? Cannabis users recognize the term, but the ones present in Chaga have no recreational benefit. Terpenes sounds like turpentine, the natural form of paint solvent, not a chemical good for the human body.
    You mention steroids. Is there enough in the fungus to help with arthritis, swelling or bodybuilding for men? You don't say and there is no proof it is in the right form and in a significant amount to give any health benefits.
    This video needs to be longer and you need to do more research, explain more and not make this look like a commercial for capsule sales.

  6. I e known about chaga for about 15 years when my brothers and parents were drinking it. I couldn't stomach the taste during that time. Fast forward to about a week ago, my brother hands me a half of conch (weighing in at around 3bls) of wild harvested chaga, tells me to make a tea with it and shows me the method. Been drinking it every evening, just before or after dinner. I enjoy the taste now, and add a little simple syrup made with raw sugar(because I have no honey) and an antioxidant tea bag for flavor. Hoping to start seeing some changes here in a few weeks. Great video!

  7. Polysaccharides, the main contributor and glutens are indeed procured from them. But eating a meal and eating meal replacement with what is thought to be complete often is a decision we as humans make, often meeting it incomplete. We often link an idea with it course to meet it, with so much uncertainty because we fail to try to understand it personally. And we propagate this half cocked awareness to others without an ounce of reassurance to them and ourselves communicatively. We started farming fungi with the intent of having them produce what they have when we found them in nature. We obviously have quite a bit to learn about the mycelium’s world wide internet and our substrate

  8. I was going to order some Chaga from the OM mushroom brand… I’m glad I watched this video because I now I know that the source has to be wild in order to gain the beneficial compounds, as mentioned here… so my question to you is, would you happen to know if OM mushrooms does that with their mushrooms? Picks them wildly? I actually highly doubt it to be honest! But I figured I’d ask.

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