What is the optimal source and dose of sulforaphane? | Jed Fahey

What is the optimal source and dose of sulforaphane? | Jed Fahey

What is the optimal source and dose of sulforaphane? | Jed Fahey

Sulforaphane is an end-product of a chemical response between two compounds current in sure cruciferous greens: glucoraphanin and myrosinase, the amount and exercise of which may differ primarily based on a spread of components. For instance, glucoraphanin content material differs primarily based on a plant’s life stage, cultivar, and rising circumstances, and myrosinase, an enzyme, is heat-sensitive and quickly denatures throughout regular cooking processes. Workarounds for these issues embrace consuming youthful vegetation (comparable to broccoli sprouts), including floor mustard seed (which is wealthy in myrosinase) to cooked greens, or using shorter cooking occasions and much less water to favor sulforaphane manufacturing. A fail-safe mechanism is present in the intestine, the place commensal micro organism that reside there produce – at various charges – myrosinase. In this clip, sulforaphane knowledgeable Dr. Jed Fahey describes some of the issues that complicate figuring out the optimal source and dose of sulforaphane.

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Original episode posted November twenty fourth, 2020.
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It is Dr. Patrick’s purpose to problem the establishment and encourage the wider public to consider well being and longevity utilizing a proactive, preventative strategy.

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40 thoughts on “What is the optimal source and dose of sulforaphane? | Jed Fahey”

  1. Began taking BROQ (the US version of the French brand recommended in another clip from this interview, where Rhonda asked him for specific product recommendations) a couple months ago, and although I take other supplements and eat relatively well, I had a full metabolic panel done last week and my numbers have never looked better. I was in the ideal range for everything, not a single marker was low or elevated. I can't say for sure it's from taking this one supplement but I think I'm going to continue taking it long-term. I'm only in my 30s but it just seems like a good defensive measure against cancer and other health issues based on the things outlined in this video and others I've seen. Wish it was a little less expensive but it is what it is.

  2. It makes me sad when scientists tell you that it’s really hard to explain scientific stuff. Speaking as a scientist, I can tell you that it’s not hard, but the reality is that very few scientists are good at it. The sad part is that most scientists do such a lousy job at it, especially teachers & professors, that students get turned off by their instructors and leave the field… I wonder how many future Einsteins we have lost to other disciplines because of uninspiring science education!? Do better dang it! ?

  3. Man……. I just blended a 75g pack of these bad boys with some water.. my god it was hard to consume. Didnt think i would make it. Took me about 15 minutes. I think i need to add some things before my next attempt.

  4. I did not have a good experience with this supplement. I took broccoli sprout extract capsules for 6-7 days and I just kept going to the bathroom with liquid feces coming out after taking Sulforaphane for 6-7 days straight. Horrible stomach pain and felt awful. Never going to take it again

  5. Does anyone know if Broccoli seeds contain all the glucoraphanin they are ever going to have or does the sprouting process increase it? (The question is not about availability but rather what's in the seed and can it increase?)

  6. How do you calculate the correct dosage of an extract? So are 10:1 some are 10%, 20%. I cant find any place that shows how to calculate the safe dosage for different extract percentages.

  7. He literally just went in circles, he still didnt give the mg equivalent dose just the micromolar which i cant seem to find a way of converting it

  8. I eat Raw Brussel sprouts almost daily. I make smoothies two or three days a week with broccoli Sprouts and I add blueberries and pour grass Fed plain Greek yogurt, and I buy cranberry freshly squeezed juice. I will try with a piece of banana.

  9. Helps with schizophrenia, autism, cancer, copd, and many other things! I’ve been learning and following now for a few years and finally have in practice a system to consume. I’m taking two broq pills + a handful of broccoli sprouts (with amazing mustard sauce/seeds) per day. I’m probably going to increase the dose if it continues to feel fine.

  10. I am a 47 year old male I'm already supplementing NAC, and l ergothioneine. I just want to figure out a way that I can also throw in some sulforaphane. any advice

  11. 200 grams is about a half a pound! lol If you were growing it yourself, it would be about half a 10 x 20 tray, densely seeded. Per day. Eat as much as you can tolerate.

  12. I am so freaking confused about this. I am a poor person and I need to spend the little money I have wisely. So where will I get the biggest bang for the buck? Poor people want to be healthy too. I started sprouting broccoli seeds I got on Amazon last night, but I feel like I'm just making it up as I go cause no body seems to know any specifics about how much to eat, how to eat it, how to cook it, and on and on. Very frustrating.

  13. The first problem is the poor terminology. I grow MICROGREENS for a living. Sprouts are a different animal and less nutritionally dense. That would be a good start point- actually knowing what the food is called.

  14. What would be the problem or side effect of eating too much broccoli sprouts (yes I could do this, I'm a grower) or taking too much of the supplement sulforaphane in tablet form?

  15. What's the best way to maximize sulfurophane? They have videos talking of freezing them / adding 70° water for 10 minutes and mustard seed extract although that was just talked about for mature brocolli. It is a little confusing watching these videos. And I haven't seen it addressed specifically sprouts vs microgreens

  16. Quite a challange to get an idea. Couple of ounces of sprouts: let's say 3+ ounces => 90 grams. In case of brocolli +- half a pound => 200-250 grams. The more, the better. Hardly feasible every day routine.

  17. i lightly steam them and have them on eggs and toast with a bit of mustard. i tried the freezing and blending and it is just too disgusting. they actually taste decent slightly cooked.

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