What IS MORINGA and What Does it Do / BENEFITS

What IS MORINGA and What Does it Do / BENEFITS

What IS MORINGA and What Does it Do / BENEFITS

A Look At What Moringa IS and DOES

Our Favorite Moringa HERE — Pura Vida rocks!

Canadian Folks | International Folks —-

Info on Cholesterol— Very Well Health
Info on Arthritis / Inflammation Mind Body Green

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OH, if it was not loopy clear within the video, we LOVE the Pura Vida Brand and use it every single day for our personal private use, however we do get a small kick-back if you find yourself deciding that you prefer to some for your self. We should say this so authorized sorts do not get irritated with us 🙂

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38 thoughts on “What IS MORINGA and What Does it Do / BENEFITS”

  1. Moringa works for me. Since I started using it I jave tried a few different brands. I have decided the Pure Vida capsules work best for me. I tried making my own capsules with OMG moringa powder first and it worked. I tried Pure Vida next and it worked better. I guess the process and freshness is what makes one better than the other. I have inflammation and pain in my knuckles from 25 years of working as an electrician. The improvement occurred of 2 weeks. I ran out and within a week the pain and swelling returned. Ordered more and within 2 weeks I had relief again. Now ive been taking almost a year. What I have notice is this: my back pain that comes and goes has not returned. I have not been sick a single time in a year. This maybe coincidence and its hard to say for sure. But I have not been sick at all for a year. I wake up feeling more refreshed. That alone is great. I take 2 capsules every morning. This stuff works and it is all natural. Cant go wrong. Thanks to you!!!

  2. I have been adding this to our morning vegetable drink. It tastes nasty but I didn't know it helped with all of these ailments. Thank you guys.

  3. I have been drinking Moringa tea and taking 2 capsules every day, and there's not much of anything it can't do! It sure has to be a miracle sent from our Heavenly Father, because it is a miracle herb! Also it is much cheaper than that overly priced CBD oil! May God continue to bless you both!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. FIRST TIME VISITOR..HI…..from san diego….very ill…..I was Moringa being sold at CVS a pharmacy store….in a bag….a powder…from Mexico…has anyone tried this……many issues…..much inflammation…..i need to end my life…i can't take it any more……..but i wll try this

  5. Hello, I recently left a comment trying to get ahold of pura Vida the company for the Moringa you are using and I can't find the phone number or their website with any contact information!!
    Do you have a specific website for big family Homestead where I can contact you and ask you for the information to contact the company! I have questions some health related which you say you can't answer that I would like to ask before purchasing the product I really would appreciate any help you could give me!
    Thank you and God-bless you both!

  6. I m frm south india we grow moringa tree almost n all our house backyard and Neem tree in te front, our ansestors had taught us natural way of healthy life🙏🙏

  7. I have looked for the Pura Vida brand on Amazon and cannot find it. I actually had it in my cart a couple of days ago, but it has disappeared from my cart and now I cannot find the brand at all.😕

  8. 3 wks in and I'm so happy to report that Moringa has made a huge difference in my arthritis pain. I had to go up the steps one at a time but now I can walk them fine and I used to not be able to lift my right foot to wash it in the shower and now I can again and I am sleeping much better too. I'm going to get some for my parents next. Thank you for telling me about it. I am so grateful 😘

  9. Hi guys! My algorithm sent me to your channel and I'm glad it did because I love to learn about natural nutrition and such. I got excited when I heard about Moringa and wondered if you could share a link or info about the brand you use. I want to order some but want to get the correct stuff! Really been enjoying your channel. Thank you!

  10. i love this stuff i take two capsules a day and i dont have arthritic pain in my hand joints any more and i really am glad you recommended it ty .

  11. I am not taking it only three days and I feel great no pain in my back and the most important thing it’s giving me so much energy I got three Jobs and and of the day I am not tired so I am doing my cleaning cooking 😅

  12. I used to be very stiff first thing in the morning couldn't barely move.started Taking moringa and about 2 to 3 weeks changed all of that . been on it over a year now and using the oil it's amazing I am moving better than my kids who are 17 and 19 years old now. I am also very youthful looking from the morning oil . I love this stuff thank you for sharing . Also just wanted to say it wasn't a magic bean it did take a couple weeks when I got results. Love it so much.

  13. No point in asking the doctor about Moringa because most doctors would not even know what it is. I've been taking it for 2 weeks and I'm going to see after 3 months if it reduces my cholesterol. By the way my husband loves your guitar collection. He has a collection too! Go Bucks!

  14. I've watched a few of your videos, and Brad mentioned he played guitar. I pictured Brad playing acoustic, not a beautiful flying V!!! I now have even more respect for you!!

  15. You have given me my life back only three days in and there is a difference with my arthritis pain it is considerably reduced… I can not thank you enough… I was meant to come to your channel which l love by the way… Keep spreading the good word @i will do the same in DEVON ENGLAND..🍀. 🙏🏼🍀

  16. But the corrupt alphabet agency is coming for 60+substances from colloidal silver to rhubarb and cucurmin.. then they will ‘look at’ 200 more.. they should have been overhauled by Trump….. too many in government!

  17. Well I ordered some today after watching the video and I’m excited I have arthritis in my hip it’s taken my quality of life away so I’m praying to Jesus this helps me . Thank you so much

  18. I have been taking this morning its doing nothing to my shoulder pain iam very disappointed bc I believed in this plant and its 0 healing on pain remover. And the pills they are fresh light green supposed to be ok very disappointing.

  19. Hi there I was watching your video and I wanted to know exactly the name of the company that you get it from because I have arthritis in my left knee and my daughter has eczema and I got the oil and it came from India it’s organic so I just want to know what is the company name brand where I can order so he can help with my arthritis

  20. Thanks, I have the liquid the rest were sold out . I haven't tried it yet. I just opened it and the top of the dropper it black circle looks like tar . Is that normal ? Is that from the bark ? It has a strong smell . The brand was in one of your links pura vida

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