Tips on Growing Moringa in Cold Climates (UPDATE)

Tips on Growing Moringa in Cold Climates (UPDATE)

Tips on Growing Moringa in Cold Climates (UPDATE)

An replace on my dwarf Moringa bushes rising in chilly climates. Growing Moringa’s indoors through the winter months and rising Moringa’s outside through the summer time months.


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40 thoughts on “Tips on Growing Moringa in Cold Climates (UPDATE)”

  1. Hello neighbor, this is my third attempt at Moringa. have you tried rooting the cuttings when you trim them back? Also, where did you source the dwarf seeds? I just have regular seeds from Amazon.

  2. Well after seeing what you have done with your Moringa trees, I’m a little frustrated with mine.

    I Purchased seed from a medicinal plant company, and they germinated quickly. They grew to about 6 to 8 inches tall outside in a small covered greenhouse. I suspect I overwatered them. So I repotted them in a new soil with sand. They continue to wither and drop their leaves. All three of them are withering and look like they’re dying. I live in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Thank you for the information. This is my first year growing dwarf moringa. I have 6 young trees. Fingers crossed I can keep them alive in containers in the house over winter. I even stared 5 or 6 in a pot for my sister.??♻️

  4. Well so far I have trimmed all three of them back as you suggested. And they are shriveling up like they’re going to die. I think I will just give them some time and see if the roots regenerate after some time. Thank you for your comment.

  5. I'm watching this cuz I had given up on my Moringa whom I named Mercy in zone 8a, she had went into shock when I transplanted her, but she needed a bigger pot soo I had no choice. I was about to toss her out to transplant some basil, when she shocked me, she has a taproot but I did water her the other day and the soil is still wet I don't know how to fix this issue, I feel bad for her now cuz she is trying hard to stay alive. ?

  6. Should i plant my moringa seeds straight into a tall container from the beginning? Because I heard also that moringas don’t like to be transplanted too many times

  7. Do you have a video showing how to prune off the leaves? Also do you grow the drum sticks on yours or just the leaves? I am a beginner at Moringa tree's but heard they are good medicinal plants. I live in Pennsylvania so mine will be indoors in the winter.

  8. Do you have a video on planting and getting the seeds to germinate? I have tried several times and they mold or rot or just sit there and not germinate? Help Please…

  9. dude: moringa can be better thought of less as a tree than a weed. What I mean is I used to think I'd just put one or two tree in the yard (they didn't survive, ever, after several years of repeat trying) but I think if I grow them like a weed, i can harvest each year even if they survive or dont survive. I can still harvest. I can just plant them like a huge crop load of hundreds of seeds in an area and let them fast grow in the warm season. lol dude! you are cool. The reason that you look so healthy is probably you eat moringia

  10. Hi! Thank you so much for making this video! I’m attempting to grow my moringa seeds and this is so useful! I’m curious about what kind of grow light you’re using. There’s so many mixed reviews on so many grow lights and I’m having trouble settling on one. What kind do you have?

  11. Nice video but your information is not quite accurate. Moringa does not have to have sand in the soil mix. It does need good drainage but that should be part of any mix used for most plants. You can use a much smaller container by using a root control pot liner to increase feeder root structure. If you simply pinch the tips of the main meristem and any resulting branches you will have a better structured plant along with much more leaf production. Please look up the term loamy as perlite does not make anything loamy. The moringa can be maintained as a potted shrub or almost any size you want including Bonsai. Don't forget you can grow themn as annuals and also in high density bed plantings for enhanced biomass production. You can use the dwarf variety but PKM 1 will grow a little faster if you choose to try the other methods. By the way a very small amount of sulfur in your nutrition program will increase the protein levels of the leaf. Let me know if I can help. Please take care and stay safe…

  12. Thank you so much for this video! Could you tell me where you purchase you dwarf seed. I haven't been able to locate any. Im in CO also- have 2 Moringas that I started in spring and are now inside- I think I will prune them back to a few inches as the leaves have all fallen off. I hope this isn't the wrong time to prune?

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