This Synthetic Vitamin is Linked to Causing Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Risk & Osteoporosis

This Synthetic Vitamin is Linked to Causing Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Risk & Osteoporosis

This Synthetic Vitamin is Linked to Causing Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Risk & Osteoporosis

This EVERYDAY use vitamin may be making you sick and even inflicting your physique to develop coronary heart illness, decreased bone mass, elevated levels of cholesterol in addition to even most cancers of the breast, lung, colon, and prostate.

Sadly this vitamin is nonetheless being manufactured. Alpha-tocopherol. (A-tocopherol) is the artificial model of Vitamin E. It’s in all places! Please look in all of your dietary supplements and nutrient-dense powders, drinks, and meals.

A more healthy various to Vitamin E is tocotrienol.

My fave options are:
Delta-Fraction Tocotrienols 125mg
Annatto Tocotrienol

Curious concerning the analysis?

Skin Cancer:

Pancreatic most cancers:

Stroke Risk ( research on males)


Heart Health (atherosclerosis)

Digestive Cancers:


Liver illness

Synthetic vs non-synthetic model (pig research)

Lack of artificial alpha-tocopherol bioavailability (pig research)

Lack of cell membrane safety

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40 thoughts on “This Synthetic Vitamin is Linked to Causing Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Cardiac Risk & Osteoporosis”

  1. Thanks for taking time to watch this video about the synthetic version of vitamin E in the form of DL-alpha tocopherol. This is the version analyzed in the studies I reference in the video.
    Research links are provided in the description.
    There are 7 different forms of tocopherols. The toxic version is a petrochemically derived synthetic form.

    If your labels say “alpha tocopherol” or “mixed tocopherols” – I recommend digging further with that brand’s website and customer service to ID specifically which of the 7 version(s) are in your product.

    DL-alpha-tocopherol IS the synthetic hormone of focus in this video and it may be labeled with different endings. But all are either synthesized or extracted from either GMO soy,
    Corn, wheat, rice and cotton.

    My intention was not to scare you or create fear or panic. But to equip you with knowledge. So YOU can decide if you want to make a healthier choice. And if you do I share with you a totally plant based – GMO free alternative.

    My motto is always food first for nutrient absorption.

    I will be creating a follow up – part 2 if you will comparing the 7 tocopherols to tocotrienol and further emphasizing the dancer of the synthetic version of vitamin E.

    Appreciate you time and comments! ?

  2. Im getting pissed off with all these bs medicinal products that we think will keep us healthy when we should just eat correctly, exercise regularly, and have good hygiene. Its the U.S. consumer market that makes us all little test rats. Fk

  3. Hi thanks for the video. I ordered some vitamins it is Tocopherol and tocotrienol complex by Cytoplan. It contains "D" in Alpha Beta Gamna and Delta Tocopherol and Tocotrienol. Notice the D it contains and not DL. Should it still be avoided? Thanks.

  4. Okay! So I take a multivitamin from Nature Sunshine. They claim they are totally natural and food sourced. It’s labeled as d-alpha tocopheryl acetate and Google says with the d in front it’s natural. Is this so???

  5. I thought this d alpha tocopherol is in food as well , is it cancerous in the food , tocopherols are in food as well, I need omega oil I don’t think there are any without this vitamin as works as preservative

  6. Is D- Alpha Tocopheral the dangerous, synthetic form of Vitamin E about which you are speaking? It in the following Naturelo brand vitamin that my family and I have been taking for the last couple of years. Are there any dangerous synthetic vitamins that you can see in this bra? They claim to come from batural sources. Thanks, in advance, for your help in this matter. My husbandxand our 5 children also take these vitamins, so I want to be surevthat they are healthy for us. We thought that they were really healthy, and are hoping that they are.

  7. I stopped giving af. Everything these days is bad for you… and every year the scientific community changes their mind on what's considered healthy.
    Cancer has become a buzzword. Fear is a best seller

  8. Thank you for this eye opener. I read in the comments and found that there was a D an a DL.. but if it had not been for your video, I would be totally uninformed about the supplement in general and would have continued to purchase them without reading the label to make sure they weren't synthetic versions.

    Pls keep up the good work, thanks

  9. im confused if alpha tocopheral is in something like green veggies that is obviously not synthetic. what if it is listed on something like kachava when you look at the vitamins on the back of the package and it says on the vitamin e line alpha tocopheral – how do you know if it is the synthetic version? please explain this so i can understand. thank you

  10. Thanks for sharing. This led me on a path to looking up more information. I found out that alpha tocopherol first came from wheat germ oil and that taking wheat germ oil has many benefits versus the synthetic alpha tocopherol. A great video to watch is one called "Vitamin E Alpha Tocopherol The Biggest Mistake in Nutritional History" on youtube. I plan on taking Wheat Germ Oil to get my Vitamin E.

  11. Finally! Information to prevent most kinds of cancer!! Thank you GOD for this information! We all know cancer is in what we eat and this is just ONE thing we can avoid to try not to get cancer!

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