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The Myth of Menstruation

Concurring with my good pal and brother, Rev. Phil Valentine (metaphysician out of New York), the feminine menstrual cycle is regular, however NOT pure. As the human physique has the innate capabilities to adapt to pathologies, irregularities, and abnormalities, the feminine physique (ever for the reason that Great fall almost 6,000 years in the past and which has completely nothing to do with a fictitious Biblical character named Eve) has tailored to the pathology of menstruation and now makes use of this course of as a cleaning technique to rid the feminine physique of toxins and waste. The feminine physique has taken that which is unnatural (to bleed and lose the very important life essence) and transformed that course of into a standard feminine physique operate. Because of the menstrual cycle, girls now have an extra eliminative channel within the vagina, bringing their complete to 6 main eliminative channels (colon, lungs, kidneys, liver, pores and skin, and vagina). It is as a result of of this sixth eliminative channel that rids the feminine physique of pointless waste and toxins that girls usually outlive males by seven years.

Why is menstruation thought-about a dis-ease? Because it’s not pure in nature or the wild (free). It is uncommon to discover a mammal that lives and eats based on the legal guidelines of Nature to have a menstrual cycle. Have you ever witnessed a feminine horse, gorilla, elephant, buffalo, monkey, hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra, rhinoceros, or cow having a menstrual discharge? Don’t you assume company and grasping man would have devised female pads and tampons for these animals to stop the spilling and dropping of excessively giant quantities of blood? Why of course company man would have, similar to he did for Western and civilized lady in order that she might repeatedly battle within the warfare zone known as company America that was initially designed for white males. Man created pads and tampons for profession females in order that the menstrual cycle wouldn’t intervene with day by day enterprise exercise. You see, with males, there isn’t a so-called “natural” phenomenon that over takes the male physique as soon as a month inflicting a break in chores and actions. Originally, through the cycle time, girls abstained from work and different day by day features. This break time as a result of menstruation was wherever from 1-3 days on the most.

Menstruation just isn’t irregular in domesticated creatures in so-called civilization (which actually means “slavery”). Just have a look at the home cat and canine. These creatures have a menstrual cycle, similar to the social creature known as lady.

For a human being, particularly a mammal, to lose its very important life essence (blood) month-to-month, just isn’t a pure prevalence. Blood exiting out of the physique just isn’t a pure factor. If a person goes to urinate and sees blood in his urine, he first screams in worry after which goes to the emergency room on the native hospital to see the physician. Why? Because it is a signal that one thing is fallacious (if a person does urinate blood, likelihood is he has prostate most cancers).

The life of the flesh is within the blood. Even the Bible tells us this (Leviticus 17:11). The blood incorporates very important components (minerals) needed to take care of optimum well being. The blood transports the assorted minerals to sure elements of the physique in order that sure organs may fit and performance optimally for the sake of the being. For instance, calcium calms the nerves. Potassium ensures optimum nerve transmission. Iodine regulates and ensures optimum thyroid gland functioning and exercise. Iron ensures hemoglobin and is now the key service of oxygen (taking on this obligation from the mineral “gold” which we now not use in our fashionable and degenerative states of existence as third dimensional beings). Now if the blood which carries these minerals all through the physique is being eradicated out of the physique for the sake of ridding the feminine physique of toxins and waste (which the colon and kidneys might simply carry out), then the organs that want and rely on these very important components are usually not going to get them and the result’s going to be dis-ease or lack of good or optimum well being (e.g. PMS [premenstrual syndrome]).

Take PMS for instance; PMS is related to temper swings, irritability of nerves, fuel (flatulence), belly cramps, complications, physique spasms, quick time period reminiscence loss, and many others. Why? Because of a scarcity of vitamins or organ-specific meals to those areas for correct functioning. With blood saturated within the vaginal space through the menses and exiting by way of the vagina, the mind just isn’t going to get the minerals carbon, copper, calcium and potassium (at the least the quantity it requires). Calcium is a calmative (calming agent). It calms you down. Do you realize why the animals who graze on grasses like oats, alfalfa, barley, wheat, and gotu kola are so calm? Because they include excessive quantities of calcium. Animals know that God made the grass to develop for his or her profit and good well being. The Book of Psalms clearly tells us that, “He causeth the grass to grow for cattle,…” Do you realize why elephants are stated to have good recollections? Because they graze on gotu kola, an herb that enhances psychological acuity and stamina. Therefore, feminine elephants don’t expertise episodes of quick time period reminiscence loss (nor do they develop Alzheimer’s Disease because the herb gotu kola incorporates bio-aluminum [organic aluminum] which attracts dangerous, man-made aluminum which causes Alzhiemer’s within the first place, and rids it from the physique by way of the blood).

With blood leaving the physique through the menses, the nerves are usually not going to get its wanted quantity of potassium for correct nerve transmission. The thyroid gland (a significant factor in weight acquire and loss) just isn’t going to get the mandatory quantity of iodine it wants to control physique weight. And with a serious loss of iron, a hint factor, anemia goes to undoubtedly happen and trigger a bunch of ill-effects equivalent to dizziness, weak point, nausea, fatigue, frigidity (or feeling excessively chilly), and brittle fingernails.

During the menstrual cycle, the feminine physique goes to saturate the blood provide within the vaginal space to assist with the menstrual cycle, and in consequence, needed minerals won’t be transported within the quantity wanted by the opposite physique organs and members. These minerals which are lodged within the vaginal space through the menstruation will come out in bulk within the “white” stage (leukorrheac discharge). Yes, that white discharge generally known as “leucorrhea,” is full of diet (that diet which didn’t make the grade doing the menstrual cycle). The white discharge is taken into account wholesome or regular as a result of its excessive mineral content material and non-smelly or foul odor, whereas and in distinction to an irritating, pruritic, copious, foul-smelling inexperienced or yellow discharge, which signifies vaginal or uterine an infection or different pathogenic circumstances of gynecologic origin. (See Mosby’s Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health Dictionary, third version, “leucorrhea.”)

So PMS is because of mineral deficiency, and never a curse by God on females. Medical logic recommend that PMS could be cured or corrected by counteracting mineral deficiency by giving the physique extra minerals earlier than, throughout, and after the menstrual cycle. The finest supply of these minerals is uncooked, natural meals (fruit and veggies) and herbs. And bear in mind, your physique has nerves that join to each organ in your physique. The fuel pockets within the colon explode and press in opposition to different nerves websites within the colon (which include 360 nerve crystals) and trigger a bunch of different issues, particularly complications.

It is reported that the African girls kidnapped and dropped at America through the American slavery interval (1555-1863) didn’t have a menstrual cycle, however a interval. Yes, they solely had just a little drop of blood the dimensions of a small dot, which is why it was known as a “period,” that mark we make and make the most of within the English language, however which is now related to the menstrual “cycle.” The time period “cycle” is now a synonym for the phrase “period.”

We discover assist of the illness nature of the menstrual cycle within the Bible within the story of Jesus therapeutic the lady who had a problem of blood for twelve years. This account is detailed within the Book of Mark. Many Christian reverends, who don’t apply or perceive metaphysics, construe this challenge of blood as a minimize on the lady’s physique that Jesus healed, but when these ignorant Christian reverends understood medical logic, science, and reality, they might know that no human being can bleed for greater than a interval of 12 hours with out dying! If an individual bleeds for 12 hours straight, everyone knows what occurs, apart from our blind Christian pastors, particularly the Negro ones. We learn in Mark, Chapter 5, Verses 25-34, the next: “And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse. When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up: and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague. And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, ‘Who touched my clothes?” And his disciples stated unto him, Thou seest the multitudes thronging thee, and sayest thou, who touched me? And he regarded spherical about to see her that had achieved this factor. But the lady fearing and trembling, realizing what she achieved in her, got here and fell down earlier than him, and instructed him all the reality. And he stated unto her, ‘Daughter, they religion had made thee complete; go in peace, and be complete of thy plague.”

Now why do you think this woman’s issue of blood that lasted for twelve years was called a “plague?” Well, what is a “plague?” The word “plague” is defined as: 1. A widespread affliction or calamity. 2. A cause of annoyance; nuisance. 3. A highly infectious, usu. fatal epidemic disease, esp. bubonic plague. (The American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd edition, Office Edition, pg. 633).

Do not most American females feel afflicted, annoyed, or nuisanced during their menstrual cycle? The answer is yes! Why do you think they take pharmaceutical drugs like Midol® during their cycle? For fun? Hell no! They are in pain or feel afflicted. Many or most of them (females) are not the same during this time, and they will tell you so, like they have told me so. They become very grouchy and irritated. Many will tell you that they are a “bitch” during this time and to leave them alone and/or don’t say a word to them, lest they slap you or punch you in the face. Why do they become like this? It is because of the calamity or the plague, as the Bible calls it.

In analyzing the Mark 5:25-34 story or parable of the woman with an issue of blood for twelve years, we must apply spiritual or metaphysical hermaneutics and exigesis. Number one, the issue of blood lasting twelve years could be no other than the menstrual cycle. It could not be a form of blood cancer (leukemia) as cancer kills usually within six months to three years. It could not have been a bleeding sore on the body because nobody can bleed daily and nonstop for twelve years. The touching of Jesus’ garments is a metaphor or spiritual symbolical meaning or action referring to Jesus’ lifestyle. A garment is what protects or covers you. Likewise, a righteous and wholistic lifestyle covers and protects you (from sickness, disease, slavery, and premature death). The woman touching Jesus’ garment meant that the woman touched (practiced) Jesus’ way of living. The “fountain of her blood” referred to her vagina. And clearly, her “religion” (in being cured by a righteous and Essenic lifestyle) made her whole (at ease and not dis-eased). It is important to note that the parable begins by saying that she suffered (took) many things of physicians (drugs) and had spent all that she had. If her issue was in fact a wound on the skin as most Negro Christian reverends suggests, a physician would have had knowledge to bandage up the wound in order to put pressure on the wound so as to stop the profuse bleeding.

Moving on in our subject matter, if menstruation is necessary and natural, and serves to expel or eliminate toxins from the female body on a monthly basis, why then does the menstrual cycle stop or go away during pregnancy? Does a toxic woman automatically become clean or nontoxic because of pregnancy? Of course not! So why does the menses halt? The answer lies in the fact of the body’s intelligence knowing that a new life is forming in the flesh and that the body will need extra nutrition for the building blocks of the new life. The body knows it loses these building blocks (minerals) during menstruation, so the body’s intelligence prevents the body from menstruating once conception takes place. So what about the process of eliminating toxins? How does the female body throw off toxins during pregnancy? The female body will utilize the first trimester (or first three months) to eliminate toxins from the mother host body via “morning illness.” I don’t have a clue as to why this activity is called “morning illness” because women will suffer through this sickness throughout the day – morning, noon, and night; – something to make you think about! Women will throw up (vomit, regurgitate) to help get the body clean for the baby to develop in. Some females are so toxic, that the body will dump most of the toxins from the uterine area in to the liver, which causes or manifests “eclampsia,” which is liver toxicity during pregnancy. Taking synthetic and harmful pharmaceutical drugs euphemistically called “prenatal tabs” (made with horse manure, bitumen, and coal tar) and inorganic sources of “iron” (which is derived from rusted metals such as railroad tracks) will greatly play a role in eclampsia. This synthetic and deadly “iron” [ferrous fumate and sulfate] is the cause of constipation and bloated feeling in pregnant women. Pharmaceutical companies mix this inorganic iron (humans require “natural” or “dwelling” iron from plant sources) with inorganic sulphur. The injurious effects of inorganic mineral sulphur however, is caused by its affinity for iron and also its destruction of ferments and enzymes, and by its generation of sulphurous and sulphuric acids within the organism. It steals the iron from food and blood, forming sulphide of iron which constipates and dries up the several secretions of the digestive tract. It also steals nascent hydrogen from the fluids and tissues forming sulphuranhydride or sulphureted hydrogen. Women, this is the cause of the foul smelling gas you expel and have been revolted at, which is always given off by decaying organic matter, animal and vegetable. It is the smell of rotten eggs, putrid sores, fecal matter, and decaying flesh.

Should menstruating women engage in sexual intercourse? For health and hygiene reasons, I say no, especially if a woman is lying on her back. My reasoning is this – like the rectum, the female vagina has a “downward” spiral energy. Most eliminative channels have a downward, spiral energy (e.g. colon, kidneys). While in the sex act, the male penis strokes in and out while inside the vagina. As menstruation is a cleansing time, expelling toxins and waste from the female body, waste and toxins traveling down the vagina to the exit or opening of the vagina will eventually be pushed back up into the uterine area by the stroking male penis, and especially if a man is stroking or penetrating hard, fast, and deep with his sex organ. This is something to think about. Plain and simple, it is unhygienic and unhealthy and poses a serious health risk.

In closing, what can a female do to offset the side effects of the “plague” (menses)? The answer is found in the Bible in Psalms 104:14. It clearly states, “He causeth the grass to develop for the cattle, and herb for the service of man: that he could deliver forth meals out of the earth.” Plain and simple!

To replenish the body of the necessary nutrients (minerals), consume herbs such as alfalfa, sheep sorrel, suma, rooisbos, rose hips, watercress, parsley leaf, moringa or karela seed, barley grass, wheat grass, nettle leaf, and spinach leaf. These herbs provide almost every mineral the body needs.

Also, consume sea weeds such as kelp, dulse, spirulina, chlorella, Irish Moss, bladderwrack, Blue-Green Algae, Iceland Moss, and red marine algae. Sea weeds are the best and most nutritious foods you can eat, and provide your body with everything you need (oxygen, minerals, protein, etc.) and are an excellent source of organic “iodine” (thyroid gland food).

Natural sources rich in “iron” include: yellow dock root, burdock root, dandelion root, elderberries, red raspberry leaf, rooibos, and mullein leaf. Green vegetables such as parsley, greens, chives, and spinach are also great sources of iron. Blackstrap molasses (unsulphured) also provides a good amount of iron.

Natural sources of “calcium” embrace: comfrey root (do not imagine the hype about liver toxicity), oatstraw, horsetail, and pink raspberry leaf. All inexperienced leafy greens are good sources of calcium (in case you juice or flippantly steam them).

Herbs to coagulate the blood and cease extreme bleeding embrace: goldenseal, cranesbill (alum root), dragon’s blood, manjistha, musta, shepherd’s purse, girl’s mantle, yarrow, cayenne, Solomon’s seal, barberry, and heal-all herb.

Herbs to control and normalize the menstrual cycle and circulation embrace: maca, black cohosh, blue cohosh, dong quai, mugwort, pink raspberry leaf, wild yam root (finest and highest supply of pure progesterone), squawvine, false unicorn, chaste tree berries, lycii fruit, pink clover tops (finest and highest supply of pure estrogen), licorice root, sarsaparilla, and angelica.

Herbs that counteract menstrual cramping and spasms embrace: beth or beginning root, crampbark, fennel seed, anise seed, and wild yam root.

Herbs that counteract menstrual associated ache and complications embrace: white willow bark, black willow bark, feverfew, meadowsweet, birch bark, wooden betony, wild lettuce, peppermint, wintergreen, and woodruff.

Herbs that assist soothe the nerves through the menstrual cycle embrace: nerve root or girl’s slipper, kava kava, jatamansi, valerian root, lavender flower, passionflower, hops, skullcap, chamomile, and linden flower.

Herbs that give power for fatigue through the menstrual cycle embrace: ginseng (all species), ashwagandha, schizandra berries, jiwanti, yerba mate, inexperienced tea, suma, codonopsis bark, kola or bissey nut, and guarana seed.

Herbs for psychological stimulation through the menstrual cycle embrace: gotu kola, gingko biloba, bringraj, ashwagandha, ginseng, holy or blessed thistle, kola or bissey nut, yerba mate, and guarana seed.

Herbs that counteract constipation through the menstrual cycle embrace: senna leaves and pods, cascara sagrada, buckthorn, aloe vera resin, rhubarb root, jalap root, bibitaki, mandrake, black walnut hulls, poke root, slippery elm bark, Irish moss, guar gum, acacia gum, and psyllium Husks.

Herbs that strengthen the uterus through the menstrual cycle embrace: ashoka, squawvine, false unicorn, pumpkin seed, cocculus root, and noticed palmetto.

Natural cures to counteract breast soreness and tenderness through the menstrual cycle embrace: (oils) [internally and externally] night primrose oil, borage oil, black currant oil; (externally – massaged into breasts) olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, candy almond oil, avocado oil, grapefruit seed oil, rose hip seed oil; (important oils that may be added to breast therapeutic massage oil) fennel seed oil, clary sage, grapefruit peel oil, and rosemary; (herbs) noticed palmetto berries, honeysuckle flower, pink raspberry leaf, pink clover tops, yew suggestions, poke root, wild indigo, and pink root.

Herbs that counteract eclampsia throughout being pregnant embrace: white peony bark, deer tongue herb, milk thistle seeds, dandelion root, burdock root, carbon (activated charcoal), uva ursi, grapevine leaf, and Oregon grape.

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra is an herbalist and researcher positioned within the Glendale space of Los Angeles, California and could be reached by way of e-mail at

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