The MIRACULOUS Benefits of Moringa | A Doctor Review of Moringa for Your Health

The MIRACULOUS Benefits of Moringa | A Doctor Review of Moringa for Your Health

The MIRACULOUS Benefits of Moringa | A Doctor Review of Moringa for Your Health

The well being advantages of moringa are AMAZING!! Dr Melissa particulars the multitude of therapeutic advantages of utilizing moringa powder, moringa oil and even moringa capsules in your every day well being routine. Research showcases the advantages of incorporating moringa for reducing irritation ranges, reducing levels of cholesterol, balancing blood sugar ranges, therapeutic pores and skin, nourishing your whole physique with over 80 completely different key vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants and a lot extra.

Moringa is a powerhouse on this planet of superfoods. It’s the KING of tremendous meals and is taken into account miraculous in its therapeutic well being advantages. Moringa is really an ample supply of dietary balancing and that is what makes taking moringa every day so highly effective for ALL of us and espcially vegan, vegetarians and folk on restricted diets like KETO.

The Top Healing Benefits of Taking Moringa
1. Lowers Cholesterol
2. Aids in Weight Loss
3. Protects & nourishes pores and skin and hair
4. Cardio Protective
5. Neuroprotective
6. Treats edema
7. Anti-inflammatory
8. Anti-Viral
9. Anti-Microbial
10. Nourishes physique with broad nutrient spectrum
11. Heals digestive points
12. Protects & heals the liver
13. Cancer Preventative
14. Balances Blood Sugar
15. Treats abdomen complaints like GERD, indigestion, belching, hiccups
16. Fighting towards bacterial ailments
17. Increases iron ranges
18. Makes bones more healthy
19. Treats temper issues

I really like to make use of MORINGA internally and topically.

Research reveals 1.5 TBSP every day is a wholesome dose of moringa – could be divided into two doses (AM & PM)

You’ll need to work intently along with your doctor and pharmacist if you’re making an attempt to include moringa into your well being program within the try and handle and reduce your medication dosing. It is tremendous highly effective.

Apart from rising moringa by yourself in your personal yard (zones 8/9) or in a pot in a temperate dwelling setting – my FAVE moringa is a single supply ingredient powder/extract.

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49 thoughts on “The MIRACULOUS Benefits of Moringa | A Doctor Review of Moringa for Your Health”

  1. Do the capsules have any taste? I have been sick since 08. I often wonder if I have Lyme but can’t afford to be tested. My hair fell out so bad that you could see my clothes through it on my back. ? My Vit D was 6, I’ve been in menopause since 2013 (hot flashes drive me nuts) I have RA, CFS, Fibro & Celiac Disease. I’ve been gluten free since 2011 and I’m still sick! I’m much better though taking supplements and eating keto but I’m still sick. Though I do feel better something is not right with me and Drs do nothing! I’m going to order this and see if it helps. Thank you for all the wonderful info and the background on the company. I’m very picky where I get supplements from.

  2. Are there any side effects? It’s difficult to ask my doctor because traditional doctors are not knowledgeable in herbs or natural remedies. I take Zoloft for anxiety and Vitex for hormonal balance. I also take iron for anemia, vitamin D3, and magnesium at night for sleep. How can I find out if moringa is safe for me?

  3. You got that right my dear. I have it growing in my back yard also here in Chandler, Arizona. Takes very little water to survive. At 71 im absolutely pharmaceutical drug free.

  4. I just had moringa powder about 2 hours ago. The nausea is horrible! I felt fine before I had that single serving packet. Its Moringa Misery.
    Ride this out. ???

    Why am I experiencing awful side effects? I can eat really spicy food, so Im like why? Awful! ???

    I took one 0.4 oz packet of organic moringa powder by Kuli Kuli brand.

    Any idea? Maybe this stuff shouldnt be suggested for everybody. Maybe I took a bad batch, or I have a sensitivity. I mean you said it doesnt need pesticides as nothing eats it (except humans). It is really bitter. Tastes awful.

    I dont take any meds. Felt fine before I took this. Well ugh, this is a miserable experience for my stomach. ???

    I can take wheatgrass shots just fine, if that helps. Geez, the moringa ooooo awful.

  5. I realize this is an older video and might not get a response but I’ll give it a shot anyway. I wonder if it is ok to take it while on thyroid medication ? Any info would be appreciated and thank you for taking the time to make this video I found it very informative.

  6. I use moringa powder as a tea or I add a tsp in a smoothie. But I just watched another video that said you shouldn’t heat it. Does it lose its efficacy when made into a tea? Love your channel. ??

  7. I am so stubborn! God told me to start taking Moringa by way of a dream about a year ago. I even told my wife about it who already took it daily. Did i start? No! So the other day I remembered i was suppose to be taking it so I decided to watch some videos on Benefits of Taking Moringa. I found this video and now I see why God wanted me to take it. I would be so much healthier now if I had listened! Thanks Doc for the great info and love ur enthusiasm! Did I win?

  8. I have gotten amazing benefits from using moringa. At 74, I often get great comments on my skin. I am using it daily. Thanks for the knowledgeable sharing. I trust your recommendations.
    Keep up the. Exciting videos.

  9. Yes.. moringa lowered my blood pressure. I was sooo excited as I was struggling even on bp medication. I had got scared to take the readings . I was shocked to see my bp was normal after just a few days on moringa capsules . I did take the high dose organic 2 a day. Amazing!

  10. My goodness I’m not trying to be mean but could we get on with it !!I’m going to go to a different doctor and listen to them because I’m already in a quarter and all you can do is talk about yourself

  11. Moringa is a God sent plant for health and Nutrition. I put it in a smoothie every day. Ive been taking Morninga for about a month now. Its amazing how good I feel now. Menopause is much easier. I also use Nutritional yeast. No more anxiety for me.

  12. Thank you Dr. for all those information I have all those health problem and much more.. I just had one question I have a low thyroid function can I take prescription for almost 20 years,I heard when you have that we are not supposed to take Marinda is that true ??please let me know God bless you??????

  13. Moringa is tremendous for athletic performance. I am in my 60's and my speed and reflexes since taking Moringa have improved to the point where l can still play tennis competetively against people half my age. It's like the clock has been turned back.

    Alot of things can make you stronger but the difference with Moringa is thar your quickness and speed also come back which is so rare. We are talking about a major regenerative affect.

    Building pure muscle is not that hard. Maintaining speed and quickness is.

  14. Hi Dr. Gallagher, I had a few questions about moringa, since it is the topic of this video. The first question I have is there any risk of taking moringa or side effects. The other question is in what ways can you use moringa in cooking or ingesting it. Thanks for all the good information and keep up the excellent videos.

  15. Thank you so much! I’m struggling with constant tender legs. My thighs, around my knees, shins and ankles are all tender to the touch. Ugh it’s awful and my spider veins around my ankles are on a mission to take over the rest of my body hahaha. Help❣️

  16. Thank you for great video! You helped me get rid of a noticeable nodule on my thyroid with your other video. I take Moringa but only half a teaspoon as I’m worrying about my thyroid going out of whack like it has in the past, which led to a thyroid storm and hospitalization. My question is, will it affect my thyroid if I increase to 1.5 teaspoons per day. I do notice my nails are so much stronger and don’t split like they did before. I live in Canada and I can’t grow it here. Thanks again for the informative video. ❤️

  17. Thank you so much for this video. As a 49-year-old African-American male with diagnoses of high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, cholesterol, and liver enlargement, I knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of this (other than talking to my friend who is a nurse) and I am definitely contacting Pura Vida to get this. You (and my nurse friend) might have literally saved my life. I dream of the day when I could have normal blood pressure like most people. I promise that I will keep you informed of my progress.

  18. This is a rad late (2 years!), but I’ve been periodically following you for a few. I know about Moringa, but you’ve explained it so well, I want to get some.
    I’m recovering from breast implant illness and mold toxicity, but now I broke my shoulder and have Lyme come-infections. My grown son has had to stay with me for over two years because he has mold toxicity, Lyme co-infections, and I believe long civid as well as neck disc issues. He’s in tremendous pain, and it seems this would be a great addition to our limited diets.
    Thank you for reintroducing this to me!!

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