THE Fig EVERYONE Should Grow

THE Fig EVERYONE Should Grow

THE Fig EVERYONE Should Grow

We can argue for days what fig is the perfect fig. Some would say the Brown Turkey for sheer measurement and manufacturing. Others would say Black Madeira for it is beautiful style. One factor is for positive, the Black Mission fig would be the gold commonplace by which all different figs are in contrast. If we needed to decide only one selection to develop, this is able to most likely be our alternative!

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22 thoughts on “THE Fig EVERYONE Should Grow”

  1. Got a couple brown turkey figs in the front. Black mission figs are kinda everywhere… I prefer to grow the types people haven't heard of. Black mission figs are so tiny I don't really consider them to be that productive, therefore, not worth growing.

  2. I was wondering if you can explain, how do you irrigate the land, I was planning to buy land in Arizona sometime I was concerned about the water, how I will water my garden

  3. i have 5 different fig trees and mission is one of them if you are only going to grow 1-2 i would not grow this one.

    the fruit ripens in 1 day – its not yet – not yet – not yet – not yet – RIPE – rotten at least IMHO – since figs dont ripen off of the vine it can be tricky to pick these on the correct day – like go away for a weekend and find 20% have gone bad.

    it is a fantastic pre-ripe fig on the that 2nd day when it is going to be another 2 days to hit ripe – Pick it and broil it for 2 minutes and it completely changes the nature of the taste eat with some goat cheese

    all my other figs (brown turkey 6 of these, celeste, white, texas) my brown turkeys produce the most mission produces the 2nd most

    the white and celeste taste the best IMHO

    the fig lord

  4. Thank you much for all the wonderful information! We live in Arizona in Pinal county and we are starting our off grid journey. We started to ga den this year but we’ve had many challenges with rats and birds we believe are eating much of what we have planted. I love figs but I wanted to know if you have had any issues with mice or pack rats eating the fruit??

  5. I have these, and the ripe ones start to crack. The ones you showed weren’t peak ripe yet. Also, you can let them ripen and then dry on the tree, and they become almost like jam.

  6. You mentioned ants as a problem especially with the brown Turkey. I found a useful solution using tanglefoot around my brown turkey and a few others with larger eyes.
    I wrap the truck with gauze and grafting tape on top. Then paint the tanglefoot on top of the tape. It keeps all the crawling insects off for the season. Then unwrap once the fig season is over.

  7. I’m getting my first significant harvest of my Unknown pastiliere on season two and it is an amazing berry flavor. I don’t know much about flavors of figs but the sweetness combined with a slight tart berry flavor is excellent!

  8. I have heard that missions r very tasty but i live in zone 4b and i m most likely to bring it inside to get it ripe so it might not get the best taste. I may have a better chance with olimpian.

  9. Being half Italian we grew up with the green figs . I have one and my wife at first didn't eat them . Now we fight over them . The way I prune them back creates figs growing up each branch . Then we dont get them all in 2 weeks . It's more like 2 – 3 months , depending if fall turns abruptly cold

  10. I stay in Allen, TX. I have planted a black mission fig tree in my backyard which is now around 4yrs old. Unfortunately, it has not produced any fruits yet. No disease, regularly fertilizing it. Can you suggest any additional steps to take to make it fruit ? TIA

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