The Efficacy and Side Effects of Moringa Leaf Powder

The Efficacy and Side Effects of Moringa Leaf Powder

The Efficacy and Side Effects of Moringa Leaf Powder

Why don’t I like to recommend moringa?

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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37 thoughts on “The Efficacy and Side Effects of Moringa Leaf Powder”

  1. I am a bit confused about the warning for pregnant women – so far, I had read many articles which suggested help during pregnancy, before and after; now, he suggested the complete opposite, which is concerning. From what I understand, the leaves are safe; however, the roots can be toxic.
    Any thoughts on that, anyone?!

  2. I've been experimenting with moringa for 1 year now. It has helped me with a sugar problem with no adverse side effects yet , compared to prescribe medicines a doctor issued . One tablet a day and sugar has no effect on me and when I stop taking it, I have 4 days until my problems shows back up(this is with having more then usual amount of sugar).

  3. A company can't own a patent from natural plant part preparations — only on chemical compounds synthesized in a laboratory. So, the drug cos can't make the huge profits from moringa like their patented medicines. Of course, anything that threatens their $ will receive criticism and seeds of doubt will surely be spread!

  4. I believe that your statement about Moringa leaf powder causing abortions is incorrect. The bark acts as an abortificant and is used for such in some countries. Ayurvedic medicine has used Moringa for 400 years. The World Health Organization has been using Moringa for 40 years to treat malnutrition (2 week turnaround), and is given to lactating mothers to increase milk production. It has other benefits relating to conception and pregnancy as well. I first tried Moringa when I had arthritis in both wrists, painful up to my elbows — all day, every day. The diagnosis was confirmed by xray. I didn't want to take steroids or have surgery, so tried Moringa after seeing a YouTube video. Within 5 days, I felt improvement. Before 2 weeks had ended, I had no more pain. I have continued taking it and have had no further problems. Not everyone I've recommended it to has had such success, but some have. At the very least, it's a great multi-vitamin — totally natural and with more nutrients than most foods, an immune booster, with all the amino acids and some minerals, and — rare for a plant — protein (great for vegans/vegetarians)! My energy level has been better since I began taking it (two capsules every morning) and I generally feel much better generally than before I was taking it. Can you tell… I'm a fan!

  5. from london uk. Just becuse white westerners have insufficient research. it does not give u permission as a white privileged doctor to write off a food consumed by Africans and Asians for hundreds of years. African and Asians be consuming garlic for centuries-

    for 2022- please stop the christoper columbus delivery..


  7. Ok, soooo everyone in Africa, India, Pakistan, Philippines… is…. dead because they ate moringa since the beginning.
    My ancestors never heard of broccoli, barely ate any vegetables, they never got sick and they lived well into old age and died because they were old. They ate everything that modern science says not to eat. Pork, lard, cow's milk and cheese, corn and wheat bread and potatoes. It seems that we cannot survive without broccoli and broccoli sprouts.

  8. 10s of thousands of people are benefiting from this herb, even in pakistan and other asian countries people are giving testimonies, so who should I believe you.

    My mother was suffering from severe arthritis pain, after taking this harm from less than a month, she is 90% cured.

  9. There’s something to be said about how this video’s references to these studies do not reflect the majority of countless testimonies you see across the web claiming the overall benefits. It’s sad to see how the video exemplifies one negative reaction to moringa and suggests broccoli instead lol. Not hating on broccoli cmon but you don’t read broccoli reversing one’s arthritis or prostate cancer.

  10. a ton of stuff randomly causes SJS. I don't think that one account of SJS (and SJS is a weird random thing) can discount a whole food that numerous groups of people use to stay healthy…particularly that is of benefit lower income folks in 3rd world countries.

  11. Moringa cured my diary allergy. No pains anymore. I take 2 tablets a day sometimes 3 if I eat 3 meals. Vegetables never did anything for my allergies. I take the risk. My crp gone down with it. I have been at it for 4 weeks.

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