The Disturbing Truth about Vitamin Supplements - Sharp Science

The Disturbing Truth about Vitamin Supplements – Sharp Science

The Disturbing Truth about Vitamin Supplements – Sharp Science

According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, nutritional vitamins and dietary dietary supplements are $122 billion business. However, most individuals do not know that the FDA would not regulate dietary supplements as strictly as prescription medicines. In reality, complement firms do not even have to show that the precise elements match the label. Most of the time, in case you have a balanced food regimen, dietary supplements are on the very least placebos, and on the most, one thing that may kill you.

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34 thoughts on “The Disturbing Truth about Vitamin Supplements – Sharp Science”

  1. My brother gets sick immediately after taking a multivitamin.🤣 I'm a carnivore and I finally quit the supplement madness today. It's a racket. If you eat out of boxes or cans, then you might need them. But you're probably not absorbing any of it. Carnivores who tend to live in arid or arctic regions don't get scurvy. Hm. There's vitamin C in certain meats?Yup. There's naturally occurring and more bioavailable vitamins and minerals in meat. You mentioned vitamin A? The plant form is not even absorbed by humans. The keratin version in meat IS. If you're a ruminant with 4 stomaches and can regurgitate your plant foods and continually chew that cud to extract the vitamins, you might have a chance.🤣

  2. She's recommending "milk, cheese, butter" for calcium? Those are loaded with animal fat and cause heart disease and hormonal cancers. (Not to mention dairy is one of the cruelest industries) Dark leafy greens are loaded with calcium along with many other plants. Vitamins are made in drug labs and your body recognizes them as a drug. You can't find health in a bottle. A whole foods plant based diet is proven to reverse heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

  3. I've been experimenting with this so called USANA supplements since 2006, the truth is they are also a scam, every other year I've been on and off these supplements on purpose and I really haven't seen any changes on my annual check up with my Doctor, in fact recently I been showing the same health age related trends as any other men in regards prostate health and cholesterol levels so USANA has not done anything good to my health and man! they are EXPENSIVE!

  4. Guess what, this so-called expert is WRONG about vitamin C, and the FDA is a liar. Liposomal vitamin C HAS been proven to cure, not just help, but CURE many diseases, and can work faster that antibiotics, and the FDA knows it. That’s WHY they attempted to create a law to make vitamin C obtainable by RX only‼️. How nice for the drug companies whom they are financially in bed with! So unethical. I almost died from Cat Scratch Disease when conventional medicine “experts😒” treated me with two surgeries and three series of strong antibiotics for S I X W E E K S, including, 12 days of IV antibiotics at the hospital, and the infection just kept spreading, spreading, spreading.

    So then I learned that “liposomal vitamin C“ at the correct therapeutic dose, a high one, would reverse and CURE this disease, and my infectious disease doctor, and all other doctors involved agreed that the lipo C is what cured the infection.

    I took 8,000 mg every 45 mins. Yep.

    In four hours, the red lines about-faced and reversed direction. In two days, I felt better, although by now, I had permanent nerve damage. But the life threatening infection itself healed due to my OWN treatment of myself, thanks to a TRUE doctor (Dr. Levey) who exposed this hidden information. In under a week, it saved my life and resolved, but I stayed on the high doses for a couple more weeks, having my medical specialist document it all. Turns out, Vitamin C is the ONLY proven successful treatment for Ebola Virus. It cures many tough bacteria and viruses. True.

    People, pray your way. Don’t trust people who call themselves “experts”. They are often sincere, but their education was sabotaged.
    75% of their med school curriculum was written by drug company EMPLOYEES (who aren’t even doctors).

    I’ve been left for dead four times by the limited of conventional medicine, not that I throw the baby out with the bathwater. But I’ve had to find the “impossible answer” for a fatal disease in a timely manner on my own 3 other times, TOO! again, I discovered the FDA knew all along, hiding it, but the doctors the AMA trained were never ever told.


    My own discoveries not only worked, they worked faster, one was right in the PDR, yet no pharmacist or dr I talked to had heard of of it, and why?—because they don’t want you to know how to make your own stem cells—stem cells is big business for them.

    I cannot abide hearing even one more time, the word “expert” by conventional medicine. Such bookings, fatal trust.
    (Copied b4 post) -M.J.T.Sites’22

  5. Taking hair vitamins made my nails grow. When I stop taking vitamins and start eating fruits smoothies my nails grew faster. So you dont really need it just a healthy diet.

  6. When they say 'don't use vitamin pills.' Than definitly do the opposite..
    But with a healthy died, you don't need them specificly.
    Grow your own food people.

  7. Taking Vitamin D is the only option I agree on because sunlight is not something i can take everyday. Freaking rush to work never wake up super early in the morning and afternoon sunlight is basically risk of cancer 😀 all other vitamins is no go for me as sad in the video eat oranges, vegetables and you get everything you need.

  8. Best is to simply try it out and see if it works for one or not. I hit the gym and take:
    1. Protein powder – which is a really nice and easy way for me to gain enough proteins
    2. Creatine Monohydrate – which improved my performance a bit. My muscles are also a bit more visible ever since I started taking it. I think it soaks your muscles with water, making them look a bit bigger. But you also need lower body fat, a lean physique, so to say, to actually see it.
    3. Fish oil for Omega3 stuff. I take it becuase it's recommended and so on, but I haven't noticed a noteworthy personal benefit yet.
    4. Magnesium + Zink + Vitamin B6 complex stuff. This one is quite good. Deeper sleep and I'm less fatigued after working out and in the mornings after waking up. You know, you don't feel like a zombie anymore after calling out of your bed.
    5. Vitamin D3 + K2 combi. The D3 is high-dosed, and I only need to take it 1x a week. The K2 one is supposedly promoting the body's assimilation of vitamin D3 or so.
    5. Sunflower Lecithin – this one is just some 'fun addition' I take becuase it's supposedly healthy without side-effects stuff. My research told me that it helps against fatigue, stress, and boosts brain function.

  9. So wait… 0:36… "they" are still promoting it… but… selling it… AND… "they" are also still promoting an experimental injection that I can buy just around the corner from the supplements. Hmmm. If I only had a clue, I might be able to form a connection here.

    At any rate… multis seem to me to have really low doses of trace minerals etc which leads me to believe they likely are more marketing than benefit.

    Also… 4:19…. so you are saying if I take too many pills that contain trace minerals and vitamins can cause harm but you don't say that eating too many foods that also contain these minerals and vitamins are harmful… got it. LOL… whatever.

  10. 5:08 vitamin A has actually been shown to help repair damaged cells in the eye. BUT…. Only when we get it from natural sources like liver. Because it’s actually properly bioavailable unlike sups. I think people should stop saying it makes your eyesight better tho because it’s only been shown to help slow degeneration.

  11. No thoughts if the Multi vitatimins work or killing you. All as 81, I don't take good foods, Wal-Mart is my Doctors. No excise, White Breads,

    Does those " pills " even ", good in the your body.

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