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The Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) Pathway – Its Role in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Studies on the physique’s protection mechanism in opposition to stealth tailored viruses have supplied necessary perception right into a elementary mechanism whereby the physique acquires vitality for mobile capabilities. The mechanism is known as the third or various mobile vitality (ACE) pathway. Photosynthesis is considered the primary mobile vitality pathway of Nature and meals metabolism because the second.

The vitality utilized by the ACE pathway is derived from an environmental power termed KELEA (kinetic vitality limiting electrostatic attraction). It is more likely to correspond to what Nikola Tesla described as a radiant or as an impulse power. The elementary function of the kinetic vitality could also be to forestall the fusion and annihilation of opposing electrical prices. KELEA can act on fluids and different supplies, resulting in a loosening of hydrogen bonding. KELEA activated water exhibits a rise in molecular kinetic exercise measurable as an elevated volatility. Moreover, the separated electrical prices in sufficiently activated water can straight soak up KELEA from the surroundings resulting in additional activation of the water and that of close by or added water.

Although initially recognized as a non-immunological protection in opposition to stealth tailored viruses, the ACE pathway has far wider significance in biology. Principally, the ACE pathway is an adjunct to the mobile vitality derived from oxidative phosphorylation of meals. The typical common day by day consumption of meals yields roughly 2,000 Calories. For a 75 Kilogram particular person to keep up a physique temperature 20oC above the surroundings requires 1,500 Calories a day. (The physique returns to room temperature inside 24 hours of loss of life). This would go away inadequate vitality from meals metabolism for the assorted mobile capabilities of the mind, coronary heart, muscle tissues and different organs. In different phrases, people and presumably different dwelling creatures are dependent of a further, non-meals supply of mobile vitality.

Various supplies can soak up KELEA and switch it to close by water. A placing function of many of those supplies is their dipolar or multipolar electrical property. It is presumed that the separated electrical prices are attracting KELEA, which can then be launched from sure of those compounds, probably in an oscillatory method. This consideration led to the intriguing risk that the fluctuating electrical exercise in the mind and in muscle tissues could function an antenna for bringing KELEA into the physique. Support for this speculation was obtained by demonstrating a water-activating impact by individuals in a laughing yoga class.

The function of the mind as an antenna for KELEA is presumably topic to each constructive and detrimental influences. The latter are more likely to embrace emotional stress. For sure people using cell telephones or just being below the affect of extreme electromagnetism could negatively have an effect on the proposed antenna perform of their mind. Several traces of proof are in line with sure generalizations relating to useful elements of the mind’s electrical exercise. These embrace I) a desire for alpha wave and much more so for gamma mind waves, slightly than beta mind waves. ii) Brain waves of excessive amplitude, that are indicative of a higher membrane potential with much less threat of unwarranted depolarization. iii) A decrease total stage of exercise, permitting the mind to extra simply limit its consideration to allow readability of thought, optimism and self-esteem. iv) higher emphasis on parasympathetic versus sympathetic stimulation. These generalizations are in line with the extensively touted advantages of constructive pondering and aware meditation.

The physique can produce KELEA attracting supplies exterior of the mind. They are termed “ACE pigments” and may develop on account of infections with stealth tailored and different viruses. ACE pigments are electrostatic, sometimes magnetic and may fluoresce, particularly in the presence of sure dyes, together with impartial pink dye. Testing for ACE pigments in dried perspiration, saliva and urine can present a way of assessing the ACE pathway. Their presence can, subsequently, be used as a sign for inadequate mobile vitality.

As reasoned elsewhere, efficient homeopathy is probably going a misnomer for the administration of KELEA activated water. The water is activated by natural tinctures, that are presumably appearing as KELEA absorbing and transmitting compounds. The compounds are largely eliminated by the progressive dilutions of homeopathic formulations. Mineral wealthy supplies helpful for activating water embrace humic/fulvic acids, zeolites, volcanic rocks, shungite (a product from Russia), mica and anhydrous magnesium oxide. The activating materials will be eliminated as soon as the water is activated, by varied means together with distilling the water or utilizing a zero residue filtration. Indeed, some dipolar compounds can perform with out direct contact with the water and merely have to be place shut by the water to be activated.

Broadly primarily based well being advantages have been attributed to a number of meals merchandise. A primary instance is the leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree. Although normally defined by its wealthy supply of vitamins, the main mode of motion of Moringa oleifera leaves is probably going that of water activation. The time period enerceutical&commerce; was launched to explain meals capable of provide mobile vitality past their calorie or micronutrient content material. Research by the writer has additionally positioned Ashitaba crops, cocoa powder and chaga mushroom extract into the water-activating grouping of enerceuticals&commerce;.

Evolving scientific knowledge help the worth of consuming activated water in varied medical situations. Formal rigorously managed research in sufferers with many scientific sicknesses at the moment are warranted. These sicknesses are broadly categorized as follows:

1. Inadequate oxygen supply as in persistent obstructive pulmonary illness (COPD).

2. Impaired blood provide as in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ailments.

3. Inefficiency of mobile metabolism as, for instance in diabetes.

4. Increased vitality calls for as in infections and in wound therapeutic.

5. Deficiency in increased stage mind capabilities that aren’t absolutely supported by meals derived metabolic vitality.

An fascinating risk in this final class is that consuming activated water could improve the mind’s skill to behave as its personal antenna for KELEA, in a constructive suggestions mechanism. Increasingly, psychiatric sufferers are being recognized as being refractory to any reasoned discuss remedy or out there psychothropic drugs. Possibly they could change into extra responsive to those modes of remedy in the event that they eat KELEA activated water or enerceutical&commerce; meals.

An understanding of the ACE pathway also can problem the presumed mode of motion of assorted various therapies. For instance, whereas EDTA primarily based chelation remedy is usually assumed to work by deleting poisonous metals, it might merely be supplying activated water. Electro-acupuncture bears similarity with using electrical stimulation to activate water in the laboratory setting. Mind physique drugs and meditation, which primarily serve to restrict distracting thought processes, may very well be a way of enhancing the KELEA antenna perform of the mind. These and associated matters are mentioned in the guide: Stealth Adapted Viruses; Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) & KELEA Activated Water.”

Source by Dr. W. John Martin, M.D., Ph.D.

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