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Should We All Be Drinking KELEA Activated Water?

This article discusses the science underlying the method of water activation and lists lots of the compounds, that are able to activating water. It is a continuation of earlier ezine articles on this matter, with the purpose of encouraging everybody to make the most of the choice mobile power (ACE) pathway within the prevention and, if needed, the remedy of many sicknesses.

As defined in an earlier article, activation of the physique’s fluids is Nature’s third mobile power pathway. The first power pathway is photosynthesis and the second is meals metabolism. The third, or what’s now known as the choice mobile power pathway or extra merely the ACE pathway, is an inducible dynamic high quality of the physique’s fluids. It outcomes from the absorption of an environmental drive termed KELEA, “kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction.”

Electrical prices on chemical molecules can appeal to KELEA offering intermolecular bonding doesn’t masks the fees. Certain dipolar molecules with clearly separated prices are in a position to switch the absorbed KELEA to close by water, presumably in an oscillatory method. Once water is sufficiently activated, its separated prices can then immediately take in KELEA from the atmosphere resulting in its additional activation. The activation can lengthen to added water, which if consumed can improve the physique’s ACE pathway.

The many water-activating compounds will be positioned into 5 classes. The first class contains mineral-rich, complicated molecules, generally utilized by natural farmers. These embody humic and fulvic acids; zeolites; crushed volcanic rock; shungite, a product from Russia; magnesium oxide; and mica. While these compounds are usually solely thought-about as a supply of minerals, their confirmed profit is extra prone to be water activation. They turn into way more efficient on this regard if heated to very excessive temperatures throughout or after the extraction course of.

The second class consists of sure prescribed drugs with actions effectively past the medical circumstances for which they have been developed. Good examples are procaine, lidocaine, vitamin C, niacin and Dilantin, an anti-epileptic drug.

The third class is for hydrogen, ozone and chlorine dioxide gasoline; whereas the fourth class consists of colloidal silver, germanium, silica and different parts.

The fifth and most fascinating class consists of meals objects resembling moringa and ashitaba leaf extracts, some important oils and cocoa, from which chocolate is made. Also included are alcohol tinctures of assorted herbs utilized in efficient homeopathy.

There are three necessary ideas in utilizing all of those compounds. The first is that little or no is required to activate water. For compounds, which aren’t within the type of pellets, one can simply use an excessive amount of, such that intermolecular bonding masks {the electrical} prices. For many compounds, a thousand or extra fold dilution in water is acceptable. The second precept is the necessity to permit a day or two for the activation course of to proceed. The third is to take care of the water in a tightly sealed container, since activated water molecules can simply be misplaced by evaporation.

Once water is energized, the activating compound will be eliminated both by progressive dilutions as in homeopathy or by filtration via a zero residue filter. This can eradicate any considerations relating to doable toxicity of the compounds. It is even doable to slowly activate water by merely putting it near beforehand activated water or to among the water activating mineral-rich compounds mentioned earlier. Various power gadgets may also be immediately used on water.

The primary message of this text is that it prices little or no to activate water to an inexpensive stage. Individuals can turn into their very own investigators in selecting from among the many completely different approaches and share their experiences by way of social networks. The main purpose is to assist alleviate medical circumstances attributable to an insufficiency of mobile power from the food-metabolism-mediated, second power pathway. There are additionally fast advantages for farmers.

The creator’s focus is on the ACE pathway as the most important protection towards stealth tailored viruses, which aren’t successfully acknowledged by the immune system. He can be excited about whether or not the ACE pathway contributes to distinctive facets of mind perform. Indeed, it’s doable that the fluctuating electrical prices of the mind and presumably additionally muscle mass, together with the center, might act as an antenna for KELEA.

Source by Dr. W. John Martin, M.D., Ph.D.

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