Psoriasis Treatment – The Best 3 Remedies for Psoriasis – Dr.Berg

Psoriasis Treatment – The Best 3 Remedies for Psoriasis – Dr.Berg

Psoriasis Treatment – The Best 3 Remedies for Psoriasis – Dr.Berg

Living with psoriasis? This video is for you!


0:00 The greatest 3 treatments for psoriasis
0:20 What is Psoriasis?
1:02 What actually causes psoriasis?
2:18 Remedy #1 – Vitamin D for psoriasis
3:28 Remedy #2 – Cod liver oil for psoriasis
3:51 Remedy #3 – Bile salts for psoriasis

In this video, we’re going to speak in regards to the three greatest treatments for psoriasis. If you may have psoriasis, then you definitely don’t wish to miss out on this video—I put a whole lot of analysis and vitality into this matter to summarize it for you.

The phrase Psoriasis comes from two Greek phrases: psora (itchy) and iasis (motion/situation).

Psoriasis is an autoimmune situation—that is the place your physique creates antibodies that assault your personal wholesome tissue. With psoriasis, sure areas of your pores and skin are changed each 3-5 days as a substitute of 28-30 days. This accelerated manufacturing of pores and skin cells is what causes the redness, scaliness, and flakiness with psoriasis.

What’s actually occurring backstage is a T-cell dysfunction—specifically, the TH17 cell. T-cells are a part of the acquired immune system. This means you aren’t born with it, however as a substitute, you purchase it over time.

This dysfunction of TH17 cells is often triggered by an altered microbiome.

When these cells dysfunction, they induce a large quantity of irritation and autoimmunity. Additionally, they launch cytokines, which can be inflammatory. At the identical time, T-reg cells are suppressed.

TH17 is instantly linked to vitamin D. This is why the primary treatment for psoriasis is vitamin D. Take a glance:

1. Vitamin D – Vitamin D helps regulate T-cells. Vitamin D acts as a hormone within the physique. In explicit, it acts like cortisol, which is without doubt one of the major remedies for psoriasis. This is why psoriasis instances skyrocket within the winter—most individuals get much less vitamin D.

2. Cod liver oil – Cod liver oil not solely accommodates vitamin D and vitamin A, nevertheless it additionally has omega-3 fatty acids. Low ranges of omega-3s are identified to trigger dry, scaly, and pink pores and skin. Omega-3 is a robust anti-inflammatory.

3. Bile salts – Bile salts stimulate vitamin D receptors. This signifies that it permits vitamin D to work a lot better within the physique.

It’s additionally a good suggestion to go on an intermittent fasting plan and keep away from all gluten.

Give the following tips a try to let me know the way they work for you within the feedback under.


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Thanks for watching. I hope you acquire some worthwhile details about psoriasis from this video. I’ll see you subsequent time.

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25 thoughts on “Psoriasis Treatment – The Best 3 Remedies for Psoriasis – Dr.Berg”

  1. Great service Dr. Berg. Appreciate much your efforts towards explaining the complex ailments to the layman like me.
    Keep on lecturing. Thumbs up from Punjab Pakistan.

  2. Sir!!…. you just blew my mind!!! thank you so much for this!! Hands down one of the most concise and informatively HELPFUL sources of information I've found on the condition. Immensely appreciated!! Thank you!!

  3. I have horrible psoriasis, I've looked at the injections, I've used steroid cream for years. During the lock down, I ran out and got really itchy. Lotion and anything I put on burns like acid. Desperation sent me to the kitchen. I found a large jar of extra virgin coconut oil. 3 jars later I was completely free!! Now I'm starting to break out again….in winter, but I needed to let out this secret!! GET SOME EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL THE PASTE THAT MELTS IN YOUR HAND. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN THE FIRST WEEK. If nothing else it will give you a rest from, steroid topical applications….no skin thinning. You can even moisturize your hair. If it doesn't work, you can still use it as a cooking oil. Just apply and sit it will heal you!!!

  4. How is it this can occur only in certain parts of the body if it is T cell related. Like, it only happens on left side of groin but never in the right. What would trigger T cells in only one area.

  5. My mom had psoriasis for a long time. Now my brother in his early thirties has it. But larger. He goes to the beach 8 hours at times. So he has enough vitamin D. Is his skin damaged that he can’t absorb it now?

  6. I cured my psoriasis. The main cause: HARD WATER. Stop showering on it, stop drinking it. Dont use any medication or oils and wait some time (weeks, months) you'll see your skin improve a lot!

  7. Good news. I feel so sorry for those who have bad psoriasis. I am 70 and my psoriasis is just now became chronic in one spot. These meds are already with me, so I will just up the dosages.

  8. Is 40,000 IU a day correct? Seems like an insane amount of Vitamin D.

    After some research most doctors say 4000 IU a day, is this a typo or is this really how much more vitamin D somebody with psoriasis needs?

  9. Omg! Thank you thank you thank you! This change my life around! I’m only doing this for a week now and I can see dramatic changes in my psoriasis! I want people to know that this works, maybe not for everyone but worked for me, my condition is so severe but it responds poorly to typical treatments, after taking vD and the other supplements it surely made a dramatic change! So than you Doctor for this priceless advice! ❤❤

  10. Very interesting. An excess of T-cells are also responsible for MS, which I have. No wonder I have Psoriasis on my elbow.Thank you for putting that together in my mind, and recommending an easy treatment!

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