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Poga Moonga – Secret Inside

About Poga Moonga Drink and the Distributor

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1. Truth about Poga Moonga Company-

Poga International, LLC is a model new group, which is situated in a small Texas city of Montgomery. Poga can also be a distributor and you’ll order their merchandise & resell!

2.What does Poga Moonga sells?-

Poga Moonga sells the best drinks with the best components that are most potent, helpful dietary drinks.

3. More about Poga Moonga Drink-

Inside a bottle of Poga Moonga, could be very pure, tasty, dietary well being beverage that unbolts the nutrient wealthy leaf and seeds of Moringa tree with the thoughts of pomegranate and the marvel of aloe vera. The flavors are infused utilizing our proprietary referred to as Phyto-P to kind the magic referred to as “PogaMoonga.”

More in regards to the potent components:

A. the Moringa tree –

Those are the foundation that converts into medicines used by India individuals in historic instances. They do deal with these medicines to 300 websites of ailments to remedy. Also, the Greeks and Romans have used these for drugs,fragrance and many alternative issues.

The Moringa leaf incorporates:

o 7 instances of the vitamin C of Oranges

o 4 instances the vitamin A of Carrots

o 3 instances the Potassium of Bananas

o 2 instances the Protein of Yogurt

B. Pomegranate (The Juice) –

The fruit vegetation comes from the Middle East and grows wild beneath cultivation in Syria, Israel and Persia. In Greek mythology that talked about these vegetation as “The Medicinal power” Also, the Chinese talked about this pomegranate juice as longevity drug. Dr. Michael Aviram, technion biochemist has researched some ways to stop and break down the ldl cholesterol within the arteries that causes stroke and coronary heart illness. This firm added the “Po” in PogoJuice.

C. Aloe vera –

has a protracted historical past of an efficient medicinal. Aloe vera was utilized by the traditional Egyptians & Greeks. Both of these cultures have used these Aloe vera vegetation for a wide range of medicinal functions. Aloe vera can be utilized as a burn treatment in 1930’s & for the victims of Hiroshima. Lot of direct gross sales organizations current merchandise of Aloe vera in lots of drinks, salves & ointments. The effectiveness of aloe vera with each exterior and inside utility is effectively shaped.


1. Retail Sales – When you develop into their distributor, the gross sales may be made by yourself duplicated copy web site. Profit may be paid weekly and doable to earn every single day.

2. Super Start Bonus – You will earn 45% of gross sales if you signed up, shall be paid weekly.

3. Unilevel Commissions- You shall be paid in month-to-month, up about 9 compressed ranges down.

4. Worldwide Bonus Pool – A ¼ bonus pool on 3% of worldwide gross sales.

You should pay 35 {dollars} for a membership to course of, and should pay $25 monthly to stick with them. You will get your individual distributor web site so you can begin promote your merchandise straight away.

You should purchase a field of Poga juice for $99.99 after which resell it at worth for $135 per case. You shall be making very low revenue.

Personally, I feel that may be a waste of time, to gathering up the individuals who do not find out about these merchandise. You should pay $ 25 month-to-month to stick with them and have your web site up. If did not pay $25 and your web site shall be taken down and shall be ineffective.

Think about this, you need to pay $25 {dollars} monthly, attempt to instances that quantity to 12 (for months) that shall be $300.00, plus you should have spend lots of time to get individuals, however who shall be into these merchandise? I feel will probably be very tough for everybody to advertise this type of merchandise.

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