Pasture Raised Turkey in the Desert | Jerusalem Artichoke Harvest

Pasture Raised Turkey in the Desert | Jerusalem Artichoke Harvest

Pasture Raised Turkey in the Desert | Jerusalem Artichoke Harvest

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us right here in the US, we’re preparing for our first ever harvest of desert pasture raised turkeys right here on the farm. Today we’re discussing how they did and likewise taking our first harvest of Jerusalem Artichoke!
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21 thoughts on “Pasture Raised Turkey in the Desert | Jerusalem Artichoke Harvest”

  1. Hey, kids! How y'all doing! I was gonna get out in all this beautiful Arizona sun but manfully resisted it. Busted a rib last week, shish. I go out and then can't find my way back in.
    I don't dig the sunchokes till about January. I think most commercial growers wait till almost time for them to sprout. That converts to sugars. Not that the pigs cared, LOL. Dunno how everything loves the leaves (like Termite, the dog) when they're so coarse. But, it's rare to find a patch of sunflowers in a pasture because of that. Take care, and may winter not be so much like Arctic as it was last year, brrr! Remember to get the Christmas lights up on the citrus; you know how bad they shiver in our biter winters!

  2. Oh my goodness, that’s what she said ….. got me giggling here????
    ? and ? are really Big!!!
    It’ll be so quiet w/o them .
    QUESTION ?‍♀️. Where did you find that wide glue paper for insects ?? I’m in a rural area with lots of cows, chickens , pigs & dogs… plus my 3 big ??? . I try to keep up with my ? yet it’s a never ending battle. Checked your Amazon page ?…
    You two have a most wonderful Thanksgiving ?

  3. Hey!!! I know a few of those people in the ending!!! Haha
    Ava and another little boy were pulling some leaves off the sorghum and feeding them to the turkeys. Everytime I couldn't find her, she was feeding the turkeys lol. (She still loves her loofah)!!!
    Now, how do you get people to buy the pigs? I know normally, I would get pre orders but I got 3 out of faith. One for us and 2 for sale. Sadly, not one sale on the other 2 yet! ? Good thing is that I still have about 4 months to go untill freezer camp. I'm either going to get very lucky or need to buy some more geezers and go to a USDA butcher to sell cuts. Any tips for selling??
    Also, THANK YOU for the tips on wood chips!! I have 3 loads on the property now!!! Spring is going to be very busy!!!

  4. Can’t wait to start eating our citrus, we usually wait until the first week of December so we get in some more chill hours which I think makes them taste better. Going to be harvesting our fartachoke (Jerusalem Artichokes) this weekend, they are great in the air fryer and thank you for sharing.

  5. Hey D+L
    Welcome back.
    I saw the radar of the storms rolling into Cali and heading your way, and thought about what a weird world we're living in where a guy in Florida is hoping friends in Arizona get rain.

    The turkey pasture looking like a miniature forest of pine trees with just the green on top was cool. Seemed like it took them a while to graze it all and a pretty good supplement for your birds that would wipe out other plants more quickly. A win/win for soil improvement and fodder.

    Pretty gross fly paper. Did the pigs leave the bucket alone or was it up on a post or something?

  6. Hey, thank you for the nice video again! I really enjoy watching the progress you're making on your desert farm. But every time I see the intro to your video's I wonder why the big plot of land you're not using yet is totally bare and everywhere around it is filled with plants and shrubs. Did you buy it like that or did youremove the vagitation?? Over time this peace of land is going to turn into real desert as the topsoil is bare and will be blown/washed away. Are you planning on doing somethig special with that land? If not, it might be a good idea to plant some hardy desert trees or shrubs to hold the soil and keep the virtility in it.

  7. I love the organization of your farm, it's so tidy and seems well thought out. It vibes well with some of my OCD tendencies ? but seriously I hope I can emulate what you have going on, on my farm. It is inspiring to see whAt you have accomplished in the desert as my farm is in the high mountain desert of Southern Colorado. Thank you for your great content ?

  8. At the beginning of the video I was thinking what do you do if you get sick! So so sorry. Glad you on the mend!!! But how did you manage!! I was sick for a few weeks. Just had to press through and feed and water my chickens. Don't have as much to do as you!!! But lost all my seedlings.

  9. Was thinking the Artichokes would make a good cover crop, soil microbes would go crazy.
    My Mexican Sunflowers are really hanging onto many of the beneficial insects, no frost here yet.
    Did your Cherry trees do OK in this summers heat. Bareroots on sale til end of month, free shipping with 4 trees, hoping to get Cherry in my food tree collection.
    Pomegranate juicing time, 2 trees, probably 200 lbs. going they thrive with a big dose cow manure. So many don't even notice the bird damage now.
    Have you thought of Pistachios, they are commercial planting them at Kingman now.

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