Pasture Raised Poultry in the Desert | Turkey & Chicken

Pasture Raised Poultry in the Desert | Turkey & Chicken

Pasture Raised Poultry in the Desert | Turkey & Chicken

When you consider pastured poultry what involves thoughts? Large swaths of lush inexperienced grass on a hill facet or in a fertile valley? How about in the center of the Sonoran Desert? Yup, that is precisely what we’re doing and right this moment we’re speaking pasture raised poultry in the desert.

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35 thoughts on “Pasture Raised Poultry in the Desert | Turkey & Chicken”

  1. Howdy ?. Always look forward to what & how you do things. I just put 5 raised beds down for the winter & planted one bed in my own garlic ?. At 74 it gets to cold for me & here, Northern Nevada, any moisture turns to ice…. Which is a magnet for my butt ?? Still more to do … isn’t there always ?‍?.
    Love your bloopers at the end… keeps me laughing

  2. Is it possible that cutting the sorghum the way you do, leaving it in a long strand which could be eaten whole and not bitten off in little pieces could make for an impacted crop in the fowl. There is the same danger when you feed fowl hay. Maybe it's better to just bend the sorghum over so they can reach the tops of the plants?

  3. First, if you keep your boots on the back porch, just make sure there aren't any scorpions inside. LOL! Second. I love how happy all the critters feel when they're released from their bedrooms. It always cracks me up. (I'm so easily amused) Third, do you use organic or GMO grains to feed your lifestock? Fourth, did I see apples? Fifth, Lori is GREAT! I know so many women who would say, "I can't touch that chicken! It's icky! Lori goes, "Just hand me the chicken!!!" Sixth, The pig with the limp…how do you know his leg didn't just fall asleep? That how I walk after my leg goes all numb and buzzy. Seventh, Lori…when Duane wanted you to see if he had anything on his lip, I think he wanted you to kiss him. Duane likes being kissed…in case you haven't noticed. Last…you guys are inspirational!

  4. Excellent video, Pasture Raised Poultry in the Desert, We learnt desert gold(jujube), Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Goat, Clips of Fig, Grape, We are pleased to see best performance of your Edge of Nowhere Farm. Last video, we missed MS. Lory. She is the best Farm Manager. She is the heart of Farm

  5. Wow the turkeys are getting big! I see your banana plant shows signs of wind damage with that tattered leaf look. So hard to prevent but still looking super healthy. Soon you gotta get Loris mango 🙂

  6. You are too, too brave! Man, but walking around at dawn this morning it was fridged. 59F! Might have t' put the Christmas lights up early. You know how the citrus shiver in the Arctic cold we get.

    Away back in the 80s, I knew folks in eastern Colorado who pastured turkeys. The birds slept in the horse shelter where they put up poles for roosts till the birds went to market. Horse did not mess with the birds too much, at least after a few older gobblers stopped it. Feed was mostly crickets and grasshoppers (it's not an infestation, a lady told me, till they's more than 5 per square foot!). I bet the turkeys would like a taste of mesquite leaves. May it rain! niio

  7. Good stuff as usual! Cuddles is getting huge! Love your morning routine – mainly for the fact that I'm still sleeping while your working – lol! Hope the storms didn't blow or wash you away this last weekend as they were a doosey for sure!!! I'm still on the hunt for property – now looking for the 2-5 acres… this rate I will have every property memorized in the valley by the time I find it – lol! Hope you 2 have a great week and we look forward to your posts/videos……thanks!!!!!

  8. I am new to your channel. . . can u explain where u source your water from and is its scarcity an issue?

    With livestock I make it a point of being sure they dont live in their own waste.

    This is a setup for disease as it is with any animal. So pasture rotation is a good idea. 3 weeks spelling seems to work well and not overstocking at the same time.

  9. Get peacock ? they do work and sell for a grip

    They also turn land into a magic place

    Yes the are loud but they do all a turkey can pluse they are art

    They eat seeds and spread them well

    They can also cross breed turkys

    Love your farm I just moved to Texas to a house with a yard so I will food forest agin

    Do u sell seeds or starts bear root trees would love to get clones of your trees

    Have injoyed your works ?

    Sorghum is a perennial from my growing exp

    How come u done pally culture your orchers u could get 12x the harvest is growing cover crops on all bear dirt

    Are u growing comfrey? ?

    Az is simpler climate to safrom have you thought about vertical growing it as cash crop

  10. Space blanket tarps can help in summer mylar tarps will reflect more sun keeping cool

    Or white tarps will keep it cooler on summer for your chicken traktors

    Purslane is great for chicken feed as is hi in omega s

    If u plant useful nitergen fixers around your trees u will have faster growth

    Goji berry's do uhave them? Are epic in AZ

    Do u have current berry's?

    Pastashio trees grow well

    Also nut trees for fats useful for fats pecans are epic

    Have u looked into growing bammboo construction grade are epic

    Wind Berryesers around property bammboo vetch vetiver Lemmon grass

    Have u thought about growing acorns trees to grow mushroom on there wood pluse I think pigs eat acorns could grow feed for them fatten hthem up

    1 straw revaluion seed balls

    Have a wood chipper ? Possable to grow fast growing trees to make mulch with

    Grow oyster mushrooms on wood chips

    Have u heard of imo intenchal micro organizums. Great for fast computing poops and stopping Flys from over taking ur peace

    If u have a water disstilation system and green house try carnivorus plants they have great values as medicens and as pest conrtollering and they sell for a grip of cash

    Look into the folk medicens of csrbivorus plants and they ways to eat them

    There enzymes are epic look in to them worth the time

  11. Wow! I just found your channel and my wife and I love it. We searched for taking care of pomegranate trees in the desert and your videos were great. Love what you guys are doing. Do you guys do tours of your place?

  12. I love the overhead shots!! So much greenery now! You guys are amazing!! We are going into our summer now and I will get my sorghum and millet going. Very small area but I love how hardy they are. This year I will continually trim just like you have done.

  13. maybe give it a try, kids plastic swimming pool filled 2-3 inches deep with unclorinated water, and raise Azolla for additional feed to be added at 50% with store bought feed for all of your animals needs…

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