Our Drought Resistant Moringa Oleifera Trees (Miracle Tree)

Our Drought Resistant Moringa Oleifera Trees (Miracle Tree)

Our Drought Resistant Moringa Oleifera Trees (Miracle Tree)

Moringa Oleifera, typically referred to as The Miracle Tree, is extensively thought-about probably the most nutritious crops on earth. As properly as an extended listing of well being advantages, the Moringa tree is drought resistant & fast-growing.

Today we take a look at how our younger Moringa timber are rising right here on Porpeang farm. All our Moringas have been grown from cuttings & seeds.

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25 thoughts on “Our Drought Resistant Moringa Oleifera Trees (Miracle Tree)”

  1. OHHHHHHHHH MY, that look on toon's face said "back up buddy or I'll castrate you right now!!!

    If you're still able to walk I will make the suggestion that you remove all the suckers from the bottom of those trees. The reason they call them suckers is because they suck all the nutrients from the tree before they have a chance to go up the tree and help the top grow bigger. I have seen trees die because the suckers robed all the food. Just my suggestion, you can do what you want.

  2. LEIGH . I went looking for Moringa tea here in Sydney Australia . After you first started to talk about the trees . Only found two types here .Rosemary and Moringa, the best to my liking is Apple and Moringa. Takes a while to get use to it .but now any other tea just doesn't cut it any more .thanks pointing it out

  3. 4:38 the moringa path: so beautiful 🙂 Moringa fix nitrogen, from what I've learned… I think you can get away with a much denser planting alternating between moringa and some perennial, nutrient hungry production crops.. maybe fruit trees like mulberry / mayom มะยม / takhob ตะขบ etc.

  4. We have theses growing in our backyard here in Florida. My wife likes eating the seed pods. Ours never get a big as yours because we get periodic freezing in the winter months. Are you going to start selling ground moringa? Very healthy plant for those interested. Even tea.

  5. we dry Moringa and add to chicken feed..seems they prefer it in dried form than fresh..probably just my chickens..we have quite a few Moringa,always planting some..usually just stick a branch into the dirt.>Many times we have to fence in our young trees..as chickens will eat the Bananas down to the dirt during dry season..so you could as an idea if possible fence a line on goat island until the Moringa or whatever get large enough the goats can't kill..wouldn't take long..also good shade.

  6. Hi Leigh, We watched your video on Moringa about 6 months ago, did some research and was blown away, we have planted a little over 1000 trees so far and have another 1500 ready to go in once the 'rains' arrive… Like you I was mistaken, thinking they had arrived 2 weeks ago, I think next week is going to be busy busy busy…
    We have 23 rescued dogs, many with medical ailments, and we found that the Moringa really helps them, we have also been taking it daily for about 5 months now… Amazing Stuff…

  7. Very nice, Moringa is a crop I've recently become very interested in. I really like this video because I'm very lazy and want valuable plants that can survive being neglected. I have a lot of land but not a lot of great ideas. I like what your doing with your land. Thanks for sharing.

  8. They seem to tolerate most soils & the Leaves sell well in the markets i did see some dried & ground into a powder im told its a good for you to

  9. My wife always mentioned putting "Morning glory" into different recipes . This always confused me because i know what the flowers look like…
    I think this is what she was talking about . I will never fault her for her translations because her english is a heck of a lot better than my thai.

  10. If the governments of this world had a brain, they would plant hecters of Moringa as it can solve the worlds malnutrition for all.. especially if the leaf's are dried and powdered for the babies milk formula, a company in the depths of Africa did this and saved hundreds of lifes

  11. I know you don't want to box in all your trees, how about planting and boxing a few every year until they are established, soon goat island would have a canopy of Maringa trees.

  12. leigh ive seen on an aussi in the philipines where he cut down a tall papaya tree to five foot and they are hollow and he put a tub over the top and its started to sprout, for easy harvest for the goats
    but one he left with no cover on top and it filled with water and died, hes got goats as well his wife one pinoy chit chat,

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