Natural HEALING Moringa Not JUST For Arthritis

Natural HEALING Moringa Not JUST For Arthritis

Natural HEALING Moringa Not JUST For Arthritis

Natural HEALING Moringa Not JUST For Arthritis




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48 thoughts on “Natural HEALING Moringa Not JUST For Arthritis”

  1. Started taking about a year and a half ago when I heard y'all talking about it. Absolutely helps my inflammation. Also have not been sick at all since beginning taking moringa. I believe it has helped my immune system. I am an "essential worker" electrical service tech for apartments all over the state. I have been exposed to all types and "variants" of "stuff" and I feel great. Y'all keep informing people.

  2. Is Amazon the only way to buy the Moringa products? I need to buy the capsules for the arthritis and some seed oil for the weeping sore on my leg due to the lymphedema and diabetes! Soon as I get my SSA payment, I'll be buying some!

  3. This Moringa oil is the best healing balm I have found!!! I bite the inside of my upper lip and it was jagged. It was healed within the hour!!!! My pointing finger was sore. I put the Moringa oil on my nail. No more soreness!!!!! Yeahhhhhhh!!!! Ohhh I forgot I split my nail and it was sore to touch. I used Moringa oil and it hurts NO MOOOORE!!!!!!! Yeahhhh!! I Thank God for you two! Ty

  4. I have had a lot of pain for almost 2 weeks.. thigh socket.. lower lumbar.. etc…. mine is stress related.. when I saw this video I thought mazel give it a try.. I am on day 2.. only had 1 yesterday.. will have 2 today.. usually I cannot turn in bed the past 2 weeks without thigh socket pain.. piercing.. and extra steps ugh.. this morning I was surprised I turned with ZERO pain.. I thought ..don’t get excited yet.. so I went to the loo.. I was slightly stiff but no pain.. 🙀.. I couldn’t clean the toilet the past 3 days and was actually able to last night before bed.. and fold while bending and stopping several times 🙀.. I do wish it would stop the high frequency (I call it) buzzing in my head since 2014.. If I am able to start walking.. I will cry! Happy tears though!

  5. Okay I found pain and I had bad arthritis pain other things going on where do you get the stuff I need it bad to get off these pain meds and other meds that I'm taking that are terrible I need to get back to Nature please answer this I appreciate it I don't have the money to get on your patreon channel sorry I don't have a credit card either so live off of SSD I wish I could find a nice place to camp for the rest of my life because I'm tired of what this world is doing and what's going on in this world dog from the sister in New York Sharon

  6. Moringa oil is also a great antiperspirant and if you get bit by fireants and put the oil on soon after, the bites won't fester.
    Also, you can use the moringa powder on fresh cuts, just be prepared for the antiseptic sting, it doesn't last but a few minutes. If you can't handle it, just rinse it off.

  7. I would like too say thank you you have changed my life because I was in so much pain and i looked at your show and order me some capsules I feel so much better think you so much for this god is good all the time my name is Tim teasley thanks again god bless 👍👍👍

  8. We tried growing moringa 5 years ago. It did not do well (we live in Missouri) and I forgot all about it. Just this month I discovered your videos and decided to give store bought moringa a try. Had my first batch today mixed with apple juice. You are right about it tasting like grass. But, got the whole thing down and I am resolved to be doing this on a daily basis. Having trouble with knee and joint pains and I am determined to be fighting this thing naturally. We'll see how it goes for the rest of this month. Thanks for the info and encouragement!

  9. Moringa powder has worked for me. Last week I had trouble just walking around the house. Today I did a half mile hike and feel great. Added Moringa, Turmeric, Tulsi, Cayenne Pepper and Apple Cider Vinegar to my diet and I am sold on the benefits. Much improved. Thanks for spreading the word.

  10. Bummer. You mentioned the link below at the end if the video, after I had already stopped the video half way through to order it! Next time, through the link. 😊 Love the Moringa powder and capsules we started taking years ago after seeing your video on those. Moved from North Idaho to Arkansas and hoping to get the Moringa seeds to grow here this year

  11. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2010. I had been on enbrel for a couple years… but was able to come off it once i went into remission with the help of diet and vitamin supplements. I had a good 12 years of being pain and symptom free. I have since had my third baby December 10th and have had a pretty intense flair for the past month. I just ordered some moringa capsules in hopes of easing this flair while im nursing.

  12. I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and its been 4 months. Didn't expect this knock to my life. I'm tired of prednisone steriod tablets and methotrexate injection 1ml per week. I had hair loss. I prayed to God to heal me. I too am a Christian. A worker and in music ministry. I have thrown thousands of dollars to the doctor. The prescription is for the meantime and is not permanent. It damaged inner organs when taken long term. Thank you for sharing your experience and this miracle leaves. I came from Philippines and been grown up with these miracle leaf. My mother used to cooked with chicken soup and green papaya. We are healthy living in a farm happy away from any sickness and desease. I immediately ordered moringa powder today. Keep sharing. This will bless the world.

  13. I was taking the Mornings powder capsules and I'd say after a month n a half to two months my feet didn't hurt near as much. I had the energy I needed for the 12 hour work days I was putting in at my early sixties
    I also had the moringa oil I would take in case I had forgotten my capsules, overslept etc.
    But I noticed that I kept breaking out with fever blisters. I could get one or three at a time. Every two weeks there was that burning where a new one was going to happen. So I had to stop taking it. Have you heard of this affecting anyone else? I've had these fever blisters my whole life. As a child I knew not to drink orange juice or to many slices of tomato and to keep my lips out of the sun. Too much acid in my system and ph off? Any suggestions from anyone? I would really like to continue taking Moringa. Had covid in January. No symptoms, it attacked my heart and lungs. By the end of May I had a heart attack and came home with a stent. Id like to get healthier and regain some of the energy lost due to drugs the cardiologist has me taking. I must still work and split shift is good for me to lay down and rest during the day. I never felt I needed to do that before the heart attack
    I'd appreciate any opinion or information that you or any of your kind customers would wish to let me know.

  14. I give 1/2 tsp moringa powder to my 25lb pugs breakfast and dinner. He is 14 years old and has horrible arthritis is his back legs. It works better than the expensive NSAID my vet prescribed!

  15. I have taken capsules of Pura Vida Moringa poweder, and like clockwork after three hours I become violently nauseous. It appears that I am one of the small percentage of people who have an adverse reaction. Has anyone had any experience with taking the oil internally, or is that strictly for external application

  16. Hi , Hope you are all doing good. I have been suffering from RA symptoms from the past 3 years though no blood test diagnosed it so far. I am having pain, stiffness in toes, fingers , shoulder and elbows in both the side mostly all the time. I have started taking Hydroxychloroquine and Moringa for the past 2 months and my symptoms got better only 10%. My question is , Does Moringa really heal/cure pain, stiffness and joints damage? I don’t see much improvement at all though I have been taking that twice a day with water one in the morning empty stomach and one in the evening empty stomach for the past 2 months. In fact we prepared fresh Moringa powder from trees( I am from India we have lots of Moringa trees are there here). My questions are, does it take long time to see the results or it won’t work for some people? I am really confused, Can some one who have used this for long time can answer this for me. That would be really great help for me. How long we have to use this to see the full results? Any other things I have to follow apartment from Moringa?

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