Moringa Has HEALED... Testimonials in Your Words

Moringa Has HEALED… Testimonials in Your Words

Moringa Has HEALED… Testimonials in Your Words

Moringa Has HEALED… Testimonials in Your Words

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44 thoughts on “Moringa Has HEALED… Testimonials in Your Words”

  1. I just want to thank you Brad and Krista! I watched one of your videos and started using moringa three weeks ago for arthritis in my feet and hands. I had trouble sleeping because I was in such pain and was about to give up gardening this year. I ordered some from your site and have been taking two pills for three weeks now and it is amazing how the pain is gone! At 57 I am so happy that I don’t have to give up gardening. May God bless you both for your willingness to share with others.

  2. It's fall weather here in southwestern VA, so I got some seeds and will grow a bunch of plants indoors in a sunny location and take them outside in the spring. Until then, I ordered some organic powder. (The 15% is no longer valid since this video was posted in Feb. 2021.) Thanks for this video!

  3. I recently spoke with a woman whose granddaughter was born with tuberculosis and she gets 1 tsp. of moringa extract a day and has no signs of the disease. I bought it for my elderly mom whose body is not producing red blood cells in enough quantity to avoid monthly infusions. Nothing she eats provides enough iron, and iron pills make her sick. Enter Moringa !! Here's hoping it works !

  4. Good morning I'm really appreciate if You can send me information how I can order Moringa Seeds I love to see You testimony and I want to have a Moringa Tree. Thanks I'm really appreciate God bless You Always 🙏 ❤️

  5. Interesting, but kind of confusing, because these testimony's range from clearer skin to pain relief from arthritis? Can you say with certainty what are say the 5 common benefits people tend to report when taking Moringa? Many people have problems controlling there cholesterol, (just think about how many different Statin Drugs there are for example) Crestor, Simvastatin, etc…
    any success from Moringa there?

  6. I just received my bottle of capsules yesterday I’m super excited after watching your video that came up in my arthritis pain search here..I have arthritis in my lower lumbar which was fused 2005 both of my feet, my left ankle was fused last year the right one gets fused next year. Now Adjusting to walking with a fused ankle is no joke esp w arthritis (and my other ankle gets fused next fall) well Some days the arthritis is so bad I could barely walk my toes curl up and and I have a hard time getting my shoes on and I am on my feet all day with my job I’m praying this stuff works for me 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  7. Thank you for this video because I thought it was my imagination. Whenever I take Moringa my energy level is awesome. Best yet, I eat less and feel better. I don’t have those nasty cravings. I like the powdered form because I take it like a tea with a tiny bit of honey to ease the taste. Works well with warm Almond milk also.

  8. Sir where we gonna buy these moringa capsule is it in mercury have this please answer my question I have suffering rthaumathoid arthritis I want to take this capsule I'm from the Philippines and I'm your subscriber and sorry I cannot spea k English fluently

  9. So I found you all about 3 years ago. I had trigger finger so bad shaking hands with people was painful, and driving was painful. Carring wood into my shop, and the lumber would fall out of my hands. But I thought I had a hold of it and didn't. After a few weeks on it noticed my hands not hurting his bad. Energy levelsare awesome! I am a runner as well. Mornings is a game changer, God stuff works best. I don't have any problems with my hands at all. After a year I had another development my eyes, my eye sight went from a -4.0 In nearsightedness it is now +2.50. they did lots of tests, told me they couldn't find anything wrong with my spot me. 😂 That k you Jesus for bring me to their channel. Bless them.

  10. Fyi.doctors don't tell the truth about herbal that can help cure sickness… Why? Bec they want the patient to gets worst so they can get more money from the patient's coming back to them.😡

  11. I’m 8 days of use in from watching your videos. I couldn’t lift my left arm without helping it. I had started exercising it in the morning and that help but it was still pretty painful. Been using one teaspoon a day and I realized today that I have absolutely no pain in my shoulder and I can lift it all the way up. Don’t get me wrong, I still sense the click but it absolutely does not hurt. The pain in my hips is also starting to fade ❤️

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