Moringa Has AMAZING Benefits - No More ARTHRITIS

Moringa Has AMAZING Benefits – No More ARTHRITIS

Moringa Has AMAZING Benefits – No More ARTHRITIS

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29 thoughts on “Moringa Has AMAZING Benefits – No More ARTHRITIS”

  1. "Thank God I found moringa" How exactly did your imaginary friend you call "God" help you to find moringa? I was just looking around on Google for easy trees to grow in Phoenix Arizona and moringa happened to be one that popped up. I didn't need any imaginary friend to help me find it… Go read 1st Corinthians 13:11…????.

  2. For those of you taking moringa to alleviate arthritis you must also remove sugar from your diet. Surgar is in inflammatory poison to your system, if you do not remove sugar moringa is not going to help as much… And, I didn't need an imaginary friend to tell me that!

  3. We have it at in our garden moringa trees it helps, a lot during this pandemic we love to have soup tea and salad. Good to our body it helps a lot to be healthy. A miracle vegetable good for us. Lots of vitamins in it. Thanks and God helps us lots. God bless you all. Philippines we love moringa a lot.

  4. Moringa is the word derived from the Tamil word "Murungai"..The whole tree is an Elixir .. The State of Tamilnadu has Murungai marams ( முருங்கை மரம் )in abundance especially in. Villages..every street every home in Tamilnadu villages has Murungai trees (tall shrubs)

  5. Great video and lots of good info. I've been buying from a different company and I was so amazed when he explained about the color of the product inside the capsule! I'm going to purchase a bottle of the capsules. I realize this video is over a year old but none of the coupons on here are valid. Are there new coupon codes? Thank you!

  6. I plant a few of moringa trees in my yard …since then I never lack supply of moringa leaves …I make a moringa pancake ..soup ..moringa egg scramble …etc …the taste .. yummy

  7. I received my moringa two days ago, and this is the 3rd day I have been taking it, and it has done nothing for me. Yes, the internet is full of information about it's nutritional benefits, but if you look at the actual product, it has very little, practically no nutritional value. I will continue to take this stuff to see if continued use will help, but it is no instant cure, that's for sure.

  8. I've been marathoning on your moringa videos. I'm in! I definitely will be trying it but I just want to know before I order, is there a current discount code? Thank you for turning me on to moringa!

  9. moringa,we have lots of that here in the philippines..we put that always in our soup..we call it tinola..or chicken soup..the best soup that i really love to eat with rice. moringa,in the philippines we call it malonggay in tagalog..or balonggay.this is the best ever..

  10. that is good also if you have a fever,flu..this is the best to all kinds of sickness..that is good also for pregnant women..who said that,that is bad for pregnant women? thats wrong …we pilipino use it ..pregnant women drink or eat chicken soup with rice..makes her baby healthy inside your her stomach..

  11. Yes, the powder is awful tasting and yes, putting it in a SMOOTHIE is the way to go, unless you find something else to mix/mask it with that makes it more tolerable. Cheers to good health!!!

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