MORINGA EXTRACT Amazing Benefits | SUPER Convenient

MORINGA EXTRACT Amazing Benefits | SUPER Convenient

MORINGA EXTRACT Amazing Benefits | SUPER Convenient

MORINGA EXTRACT Amazing Benefits | SUPER Convenient

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42 thoughts on “MORINGA EXTRACT Amazing Benefits | SUPER Convenient”

  1. I've been using the PuraVita moringa for a while now. I accidentally ordered the extract when I thought I was ordering the oil. Good thing because I love it. I also have the oil.

  2. We have been drinking moringa and tulsi tea.. I have an irregular ectopic heart beat since having the tea in the morning and capsules in the evening its all been great no episodes I swear by it

  3. I just got my Moringa Liquid Leaf extract yesterday, from Pura Vida on your recommendation. I believe in liquids over capsules, knowing that they will be absorbed faster. Shook it up, and took my dose. The taste was not that bad. Straight from the dropper for me. Hoping it works.

  4. I live in Chile and am planting the trees. My interest initially was for feeding my goats and sheep. During my research I saw the medicinal benefits and in these times, trust in big pharma or even the doctors has plummeted. God has provided the cures for everything, and I will trust Him.

  5. Do you guys think moringa is better than Fibrenza to fight inflammation? – I know Fibrenza is good but man it's way too expensive! Like 100$ per bottle. TYes it's like 120 or so caps but you have totake 4 per day. Way too expensive for long term use. :(( — Thanks and please reply if you know personally Moringa is better..Also I would love to know what your brand is and how expensive it is?

  6. I don't think one needs to go for the extract unless he/she has problem swallowing pills. The extract would be more expensive like $20 for 2 oz only. The powder does the job well and it's easier for anyone having problem with swallowing. There are cheaper varieties on Amazon than Pura Vita who justify their higher price because they use airmail service from Nicaragua. However moringa has a long self life so saving a couple of weeks should not be an issue.

  7. I'm so upset as I was sooo hoping this will help me but I've just discovered that the pills have me an allergic reaction.
    I started taking the Moringa capsules off and on. Now that I've tried taking it more consistently my face recently started burning & itching, then my chest which felt bumpy with small hives. I thought it was something I ate at first. I forgot to take the capsules for a while, started again and it was worst but this time I thought it was a new formulation of my face cleanser. Went back to the old cleanser. I tried increasing the Moringa and it just happened again. My face had some swelling around the mouth, breakouts, itchy, burning and same on the chest with small hives. That's when my antenna went up and I decided to start looking up allergies from Moringa. I saw all what I experienced. So upset as I was hoping it'll help me with chronic & arthritic pain. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me and seems a no. of women as well. Now I have to try and find something new.

  8. I've been taking it now for about a year…since finding your videos. I'd never even heard of Moringa before that! My daughter and I both notice a difference when we run out. I JUST today…started my hubby on them too. He's started gimping around with hip/knee pain…so I said…here ya go. 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. (he's not an extract guy…lol) So I'm really hoping it will help him as much as it's helped my daughter and I. But honestly…I have no doubt it will. 😉 Thank you for advocating Moringa!

  9. I combine moringa with turmeric and msm. It can taste pretty nasty , but just mix it all up in a smoothie with your favorite fruits and nuts, yogurt, sweeteners, etc. It gets rid of the pain and makes me feel like I did in my twenties. It is amazing!!!

  10. I got that "clarity/pep" thing from some fresh sage leaf/flower tea. I know what you mean. It is really hard to describe. But, I know tinctures and extracts can have that effect, too.

  11. Looking for ur video with this product & the capsules you recommend to put it in. Not in the most recent video on this, not here… where oh where can it be lol .. anyone know?

  12. I’ve been using moringa for the past 2 years and I grow my own tree and from the seeds I grew more trees for sale. I live in central Florida and it’s been great planting. I searched for this plant because my father had cancer, unfortunately I began studying this wonderful plant late, but the benefits I get out of it are wonderful. My skin is shiny and silky, I dried the leaves and make my own powder. I was diagnosed 9/2019 with 7 hepatic hemangiomas in my liver. Doctor said there was nothing they could do because the 9 cm tumor is inside the liver attached to the main artery that goes to the heart. All my pains have gone away because I use this plant every day for the rest of my time here. If people stay on this medicinal plant for a couple of months they would see the difference like I do.

  13. Thank you both for sharing this! My arthritis is already healing and no pain! No more Tylenol smh ??‍♂️ moringa the plant of life. Now I got my mom, aunties and whole family that has arthritis, gout, etc… thank you Jesus! Stay bless you both! ??

  14. Hello, I saw one of your videos about 3 years ago. I was searching for something natural for my husband and myself. We were in a really bad car accident about 10 years ago and I was 5 months pregnant, but with the grace of God she was born perfect. Now my hubby and I are in so much pain, he has arthritis and a lower Herniated Disc he can hardly walk, sit has very little sleep he had to close his business as an Auto Mechanic and what hurts him the most is that it is really hard for him to play with our daughter.I have osteoarthritis, upper Herniated Disc, Scoliosis and hypothyroidism. I saw your video and tried the OMG Moringa I felt great but the I noticed you switched to Pura Vida . I tried it but I felt a burning sensation in my stomach. Did you not like OMG anymore? God bless you and yours.

  15. I am confused! I thought Moringa was supposed to help with headaches. Since I've been taking two 1500 mg per day I have had a constant headache. Has anyone else experienced this side effect?

  16. Update I made a comment that this didn't help me a couple months ago. I had been taking it a couple weeks with no relief. I figured I bought it so I would just keep taking it till it was gone. One thing I was doing was only taking it once a day. Directions said take 2 twice a day. So I increased to the recommended amount . Now 2 months into it my fingers and toes are almost pain free. I have actually been able to bend and straighten back up without horrible knee pain. So for sure I would recommend Moringa.

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