Moringa Cuttings, How fast do they grow? - Ep208

Moringa Cuttings, How fast do they grow? – Ep208

Moringa Cuttings, How fast do they develop? – Ep208

Today I prune Campfire Moringa – one of many cuttings from Giant Leaf within the entrance yard. These bushes develop so fast!!

Give your Stringy Moringa a heavy Prune and you’ll be proud of the expansion!

Brief Health Benefits of Moringa:

46 – AntiOxidants
39 – Anti Inflammatories
18 – Amino Acids (8 of these are important amino acids out physique would not produce!)
23% Protein by weight
More potassium than Bananas
More Vitamin A than Carrots
The solely plant to comprise Zeatin – An Anti-Aging Hormone that helps reproduce mitochondria giving your physique vitality on the cell degree!


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50 thoughts on “Moringa Cuttings, How fast do they grow? – Ep208”

  1. Just suggest me i was not able to grow moringa tree from cutting 😣😣. It's my 4th time i was planting cutting but shoots came and disappear or burn or fall off after some days. Pls solve my problem

  2. I cut Moringa off got good amount of leaves

    I brought plant into house for winter

    Within few ween it started back growing its leaves

    But this x the leaves are all yellow
    I harvester few time


    Leaves new growth are always green

    ?why are all new growth yellow

    Should I remove these new growths
    I was hoping I would get pod when spring come

    Dave Help ? What do you Recommed?

  3. Dave I brough my Moringa in for winter

    It had leave but they turn yellow

    I had it back outside an month ago but I see no life it trunk feel soft

    ? Should I just plant outside for summer then bring it back in for winter it’s get cold in al few month
    Still enjoy your blog

  4. Hey bro, really appreciate the video. Greetings from the Kingdom of Tonga. I ran into your video after planting 3 cuttings of moringa trees cause im interested on the health benefits it provides and not to mention im looking for treatment for my gout and arthritis and i hear that moringa in the "Tree of Life". Thanks for the helpful video and im looking forward for more videos and also planting more of my own moringa trees. 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  5. Wow you have a beautiful Moringa plant. You can cook the moringa flowers too. They are edible. You just need to saute onions or shallots and add these flowers and salt and garnish with some pepper powder. It tastes amazing

  6. Thank you very much for your infos. Very good to see the different stage after cutting!

    Would be nice you explain, what mix of soil you use to plant the cuttings and what kind of nutrients, if some.

    You explain already, that you water them every day and I see you working with mulch…

  7. I planted some moringa trees in April 1ft to about 2-3ft in size Now in July they are 5ft to about 12ft Amazing. I did not use wood chips actually gravel rock is all around my yard. After this rain we had last week they look really green beautiful trees. Its amazing how they grow in this heat I water them every day about 5mins each tree. I've also planted 15 palm trees in my yard they are doing good. I'm trying to make my yard look like your in Hawaii🌴🌴🌳🌳🌴🌵🌵🌿🌿
    Do you still have property to plant trees
    Look forward to seeing another video

  8. Do we need to cutting moringa for the tree can grow? I have 2 moringa trees for about 4 months and never cutting these trees. So do I need to cut them?

  9. Trimming moringa trees back like that makes them look fantastic! It gives them so much more character. The commercial methods don't seem to view this as economical though. They let them grow tall and stringy. There are a number of videos on Youtube showing commercial operations over in the Philippines, India, etc. and they're all growing them close together and they walk up to these tall thin stalks and just bend them over to strip all the branches and leaves off.

    I let mine grow tall and stringy last year, but I think that even if the bushy or gnarled appearance reduces leaf production, it's probably not enough to make that much difference. When they're tall and stringy, you can barely even see the blooms because they're 20' up in the air.

  10. The Moringa trees in Hawaii are called Mallungay in the north of Philippines, and Marrungay in the tagalog or central area of the Philippines. The ones in Hawaii were originally brought there by the Filipino contract workers who came to work on the sugar and pineapple plantations starting about the early 1900s. The whole tree can be used, and the more you cut, the more it grows. It has a long fruit, which I think is classified as a vegetable which is a staple food in the Philippines, and the leaves can be eaten raw, cooked, and powdered. Dry the leaves, and put thru a small grinder. I keep a jar of powdered and put on my foods, especially in soups, and my coffee. A miracle tree with medicinal and nutritional ingredients. Easy to grow, by way of a branch into the ground, or a seed from the fruit.

  11. I love Moringga! It's a superfood. I eat it everyday for brunch — Moringga omelet or scrambled egg Moringga or Moringga soup with fresh lemon grass, squash, eggplant, ginger, garlic

  12. I don't recall my moringa trees getting those flowers they just get large bushy branches with those round almond petal shaped leaves on two sides and a bunch of tiny brown seeds looking tiny offshoot branches. Maybe the seeds are briefly like flowers before they turn into red brown seed clumps? What is the powder used for and how? It is too dry to extract any essential oils through press. Maybe simmer powder in olive oil or something then press it to get transfer of goodness to store as oils? What do you do? Anyone can reply please share info

  13. Wow! Moringa loves Hawaii climate. Growing so healthy and lush. I have 5 trees, all in huge pots in So. California. Yes, they grow so fast. My last one is from a seed from last year. Absolutely healthy and is about 8 feet tall.

  14. Hey Dave, I am from Jordan in the Middle East, I grow moringa in my home backyard, and on the sidewalk in front of my house, I have about 50 moringa small trees, every 2 months I prun it. Here in summer the temperature reached nearly 50°C، I consume moringa as food every day. My question : How long does it take to transfer the cuttings from the pot to the soil? Thank you

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