MORINGA Benefits & Side Effects

MORINGA Benefits & Side Effects

MORINGA Benefits & Side Effects

Moringa has been used for 1000s of years and it is advantages have made it legendary. So what are the moringa advantages and uncomfortable side effects? Let’s have a deep dive into the analysis and see what the advantages are and if moringa can be utilized within the anti getting older battle

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39 thoughts on “MORINGA Benefits & Side Effects”

  1. Hi everyone, there's a part in the video where I talk about moringa and it's effects on NRF2. I can only talk about the PUBLISHED data, not other people's opinions. I could not find any PUBLISHED data that suggested moringa is as effective or more effective than sulforaphane for activating NRF2, even though other YouTube videos and podcasts mention it 🙂

  2. Anti-ageing is a first world "problem". In the third world where problems tend to be a tad more life and death, moringa is saving lives. It is helping mothers produce breast milk loaded with vitamins and minerals which is saving the lives of their children.

  3. Dr Brad Stanfield thanks for the informations. Could you do a video on your full supplement stack on daily intake, and tell us about altering the time on and off on taking Supplements as such you do for ashwagandha.
    The most important question I had was to ask your age. Thanks

  4. Peer reviews are not necessarily evidence of anything. It means someone wrote a paper on a cure or treatment. There are many peer reviewed papers saying radiation and chemotherapy cure cancer (when in fact they are poison and will kill you, but they never say that in peer reviewed papers)! They just don't tell you that the percentage is 2% and they only count 5 years. Peer review papers are often funded by big pharma or universities that are funded by them. There is also 2 types of moringa oleferia and stephani, olea being from asia stephania from africa and the stephania type is supposed to be more effective. Instead of reading a peer review study try it and see if it works. Empirical evidence is always the best way to know the efficacy of anything.

  5. Moringa(curry leaves) is like a daily igredient in Indian cuisines. Plant is native to southern India and grows abundantly. Add it to dishes to add flavour along with reaping the health benefits of it. If you are looking for evidence of benefits then thousands of years of old cultures can testify. If you want to live long and strong with all human body faculties working sharply, then start adding curry leaves in your diet now.

  6. Good job brother. Keep going.! We need to create a separate. medium outside Google, Microsoft, YouTube, so we can communicate, because their starting to sensor. EVERYTHING THAT'S good for humanity. FYI you can't consume Moringa raw because of the cyanogenic glycosides. I learned this the HARD WAY!! I felt completely poisoned….. They should be sundried, or roasted or fully boiled and consume in moderate amounts. Also WATCH ur blood sugar levels because it builds up in the body and lowers blood sugar levels increasingly over time. So EAT ENOUGH!

  7. Did all test subjects with diabetes avoid all forms of sugar? Including bread flours.
    I've been taking moringa for 4 years along with a keto and omad diet. 2 times I have strayed and I got sick enough to say that it all works if you stay dilagent. It is now my way of life.

  8. Thanks for synthesizing evidence based research and providing robust analysis that seems objective and therefore trustworthy!

  9. Hi Brad, thank you for your amazing info on moringa. I'm hearing in your video that human studies are hard to find. How do we offer to became a human study. I have just order moringa powder as I've just learnt that I have a tumor in my right lung and that it has spread to some ribs and my spine. Not good news. Contact to let me how if and how I can become a clinical trial so that there is proven clinical data for people to research.

  10. I have used Moringa for the last two years. My blood work has shown that all is well, but now my Iron is very high. Can you talk to me about the issues of having high iron in my blood? I have not been taking the BP pills that I have been taking for the last 18 years because my doctor suggested that I stop taking the pills that caused my ankles and feet to swell. During that time it showed that my Blood Pressure is down almost to normal. I am also working on a Plant Based Diet with the Functional Medicine Program at Cleveland Clinic.

  11. Hi! Do I have the same experience here from drinking Moringa tea? I noticed everytime I consume Moringa tea I feel like I'm out of breath and dizzy as well as my palms in my hands and feet are getting sweat. I actually used to drink it 3x a day for almost a month straight and then I stopped cuz I can't take this awful feeling anymore any advice from y'all if I should proceed for drinking Moringa tea BTW I used to make tea from fresh leaves usually 2 strings of moringa and then i boiled it good for 3 cups it's kinda like 800ml of water and I boiled it approximately 10-15 minutes.

  12. I recommended Dr Madida on YouTube to my sister and after she used Dr Madida herbal medicine for her genital herpes she was cured totally.
    My sister was really scared and depressed because she was told that there is no cure by a medical practionalist but I am happy that she is cured completely after agreeing, receiving and using Dr Madida's meds I gave her.

  13. I’ve been adding a rounded teaspoon of moringa to my daily green veggie smoothies along with other nutrients such as sea vegetables, chlorophyll and spirulina. It makes me feel great. It might also be keeping me regular, having at least two bm’s a day!

  14. Day 6 and its clearing my stomach out, someone who is usually constipated .have cancer and my urine was so off, 4 it stopped stinking!!!i dont know what its doing in there but clearing out any food i have in me and has cleared up urine so fast!!

  15. What about moringa seeds for blood pressure? I have seen publications that support taking 3-10 seeds. I have tried this, very thoroughly (stopping, starting, stopping, starting and measuring my blood pressure). It definitely drops my borderline blood pressure by 10-20 points, both systolic and diastolic by eating 3 seeds per day.

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