Is Moringa as effective as broccoli sprouts? | Jed Fahey

Is Moringa as effective as broccoli sprouts? | Jed Fahey

Is Moringa as effective as broccoli sprouts? | Jed Fahey

Moringa, generally recognized as horseradish tree or drumstick tree, is a tropical plant extensively recognized for its dietary and medicinal qualities. A rising physique of scientific proof means that moringin, an isothiocyanate compound derived from moringa, could present safety in opposition to power illnesses, such as most cancers and diabetes, and could also be helpful in treating the signs of psychological problems, such as schizophrenia or autism, particularly in growing nations. In this episode, Dr. Jed Fahey describes the well being advantages related to moringin and discusses the chemical construction variations between it and sulforaphane.

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Original episode printed on Jan 6, 2017
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About FoundMyFitness: Rhonda Patrick has a Ph.D. in biomedical science from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She additionally has a Bachelor’s of Science diploma in biochemistry/chemistry from the University of California. She has completed in depth analysis on growing old, most cancers, and diet.

It is Dr. Patrick’s aim to problem the established order and encourage the broader public to consider well being and longevity utilizing a proactive, preventative method.

Learn extra about Dr. Rhonda Patrick and her mission for FoundMyFitness at

About Jed Fahey: Dr. Jed Fahey is a dietary biochemist with an intensive background in plant physiology, human diet, and phytochemistry. He just lately retired as director of the Cullman Chemoprotection Center on the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the place he was engaged in laboratory analysis, educating, and the conduct of scientific trials. Learn extra about Jed Fahey at #Sulforaphane #isothiacyanates #moringa #supplementation

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49 thoughts on “Is Moringa as effective as broccoli sprouts? | Jed Fahey”

  1. Morigue is under rated green vegetable is million times more powerful antioxidants property then any green vegetables around the world ..

  2. I grew Moringa in my garden in Pennsylvania. The plants grew to about 7' tall. I harvested the leaves in mid-September, dried them and put them in the blender to powder. I had about 8 plants. I was amazed how well they grew and how tall they became in a few short months. That was about 10 years ago and although I don't grow it anymore, I still take two grams of Moringa a day. I also mix a 50:50 ratio of Moringa and Turmeric in my Labrador retriever food, 1/4 teaspoon 3x per day with a cup of dry dog food and moist dog food along with a 1/4 cup of aloe juice. The aloe juice is for seizures which works very well.
    I personally take 4 grams of moringa along with 8 grams of turmeric and 2 grams of Matcha powder per day. I buy the organic powders and put them in 000 capsules. I have heart issues and I also take 250,000 IU's of Serrapeptase.

  3. moringa is very easy to plant just stick a small branch to the ground and water it. it is also weed-like in a way because it is a hardy plant to kill. cut the branch after a week or so it will grow twigs and leaves

  4. After seeing the original interview, I went out and found a moringa tree near my home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, brought back some seed pods, so I now have some seedlings growing out of pots at my apartment. Dr. Fahey is right, it's not a pretty tree. Haven't tried eating any yet. Dr. Michael Greger at recommends against moringa, at least temporarily, until he does a video on it.

  5. Im making it my juice from fresh leaves just after my exercise. My mood is really good since i was taking it, and energy lasts longer. Skin getting radiant as well. Moringga❤️?

  6. Moringa to be really effective and deliver all potent nutrients and phyto molecules only plants have need to be grown in virgin soils …and of course fully organic certified. Ecuadorian moringa it's grown in mostly virging soils and clean environment dry subtropical areas . Try it and feel the difference. Sorry Dr moringa gets to be only around 12 ft high.

  7. Moringa is a vigorous grower, and in colder climate, can be an annual. Here in SoCal, my trees go dormant in the Winter. When it comes back in late Spring/Summer, I air dry the leaves, in shade, on collapsible laundry hampers. Then, I grind them into powder with my Magic Bullet

  8. In South India Kerala and Tamil Nadu most houses have this tree.its a common food here but people don't take the pain to pull the leave out and use we fry the leaves and use it in dal (pigeon peas) curry.or fry it and use it in any vegetarian dishes and also in scrambled lowers blood pressure, effective in controlling blood sugar, it also improve eyesight ,reduces inflammation .

  9. This is really cool information! Us, the younger generation in the Indian tropics, are chasing broccoli, etc while moringa is available in plenty (even though the earlier generation simply embraced moringa quite a bit with a whole variety of recipes).

  10. What is the best way of digesting moringa powder? As I cannot stand the taste I take the capsules, but will the "wonder" happen, ie. the glucomoringin being converted to moringin by myrosinase, compared to drinking Moriga tea, blendig powder into other foods etc.?

  11. Hi, I live in Canada, but we can always buy fresh moringa in the Indian and Chinese Store, I get the leaves wash it and put in container and freeze it then add on anything I eat and re-heat a little, make moringa omelette – yummy, adding to soup, make a broth, add chicken, green papaya and ginger then add moringa, if you have fever, you will get well. You add fresh moringa on anything you eat, the steam, i don't throw, I add to boiling water with turmeric, black pepper, dried dandelion steam and dried oregano, filter, and use the water for my coffee, plus a little bit of cold pressed virgin coconut oil, it's yummy coffee. My sister got covid-19, she just eat a lot of moringa and no medication plus some good supplement and she got well and she just stay at home.
    Moringa is the best vegetable in the world, where you plant moringa- no mosquito, i have a pot at home. You can also try sweet potato leaves and saluyot or molukhiya they are also the best vegetables. Japanese are planting saluyot everywhere they see soil.
    Cleopatra eat saluyot or molokhiya…..I always follow you…..

  12. So I can get sulforaphane from cooked broccoli if I eat it while drinking a moringa drink since it has myrosinase? I hate mustard seed powder so that would probably help if I could do that instead lol

  13. I had Kuli Kuli tested for Arsenic. The lot i had tested scored 0.150 mg/kg. Which is at the limit that they're aiming for but i feel that's still a bit high. I can't legally make the report public.

  14. Watching this after having muringa drum stick and muringa curry… im from tropical kerala by the way…. we used to have muringa curry weekly as its easy for my mom to get that from our home… its really tasty if you prepare it with chilli powder, turmeric powder, toor dhal, coconut milk, mustard seed boiled in coconut oil, salt… Drum sticks or muringa sticks in our sambar curry is also awesome….

  15. All anyone needs to know about this guy is that he’s “active in promoting this new plant”. By his own admission. In the last video with him he tells Dr Patrick that Jarrow’s BrocoMax is no good but the company he’s working with is The Best ! You know what ?
    This dude is a scumbag.
    BrocoMax is awesome !
    Jarrow’s has been around since the 1970’s
    I doubt they would jeopardize their reputation trying to sell garbage. I really hate these so called experts who care more about their own bottom line than they do about our health. Dr Patrick should be ashamed of herself promoting this clown. Yes I’m sure probably the product he supports is good but does BrocoMax really suck ?? I seriously doubt it

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