Is moringa a viable alternative to broccoli sprouts? | Jed W. Fahey

Is moringa a viable alternative to broccoli sprouts? | Jed W. Fahey

Is moringa a viable alternative to broccoli sprouts? | Jed W. Fahey

Moringa is a tropical plant that exerts a big selection of useful well being results. A rising physique of proof signifies that moringin, an isothiocyanate compound derived from moringa, might assist stop and even deal with a number of continual well being circumstances, together with most cancers, diabetes, and autism. In this clip, Dr. Jed Fahey discusses the useful well being results of moringa.

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Original episode posted November twenty fourth, 2020.
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About FoundMyFitness: Rhonda Patrick has a Ph.D. in biomedical science from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She additionally has a Bachelor’s of Science diploma in biochemistry/chemistry from the University of California. She has achieved intensive analysis on growing old, most cancers, and diet.

It is Dr. Patrick’s purpose to problem the established order and encourage the broader public to take into consideration well being and longevity utilizing a proactive, preventative strategy.

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36 thoughts on “Is moringa a viable alternative to broccoli sprouts? | Jed W. Fahey”

  1. I farm Moringa tree's in USA Florida. It's better to buy local USA because the product is fresher than shipped from overseas. My Moringa powder loose leaf tea and capsules are much greener than overseas products. My customers and myself swear by the stuff. I have type 2 diabetes and eat or drink Moringa every day and it helps 100 % on lowering my blood glucose levels. My doctor was even shocked how well it works. It's all natural no man made big PHARMA chemicals. Just pure 100% Moringa leaf ?

  2. Moringa leaves are drumstick leaves. Drumstick is an aphrodisiac. These have been used in Ayurveda for so long. What the hell is this Jack? Tomorrow we will have another panacea.

  3. Broccoli sprout cannot be taken in powder form because Sulforaphane is very unstable, but Moringa can be taken in powder form. Why is that? Is it because Moringin (moriga isothiocyanates) is more stable than Sulforaphane? Some could please explain it to me?

  4. For the moment at least, I'll stick with my seed combos for my sulforofane requirement. Buying them encourages me to buy milk thistle seeds and chia at the same time, to name but two. All worthy parts of my diet. Similarly frozen before consumption too.

  5. Moringa powder saved my dogs life; she was dying of pancreatic failure. it was incredible to watch as i put a half tsp in her lg meaty meal with rice..she stopped being ravenous after 1 hour of eating then started putting on weight until she was a normal weight in about a month.

  6. The moringa plant is a good source for all the 21 amino acid and 19 essentials amino acid that make up the body chemical compound so eat up your moringa. I grows year round in tropical weather so throw few seed in the front patch and watch them grow, add one gallon of water to a 12 inch branch submerge in the fertile soil, soon it will leaf that can be use in your salad or a micro green salad over your lunch meal. @

  7. I started using it in my plant based shake. A plant based shake with it seems to even out my energy level after a workout and slow release it overtime.

  8. I hate assumtions, we get Moringa leaves in Toronto walmart in Eglinton. Who said it cannot be shipped. The origination of Moringa is from South India . Luckily the british didnt realize the benefits otherwise they would have told the world they discovered the benefits
    from snake charmers country.

  9. I remember the old days when my nana always cooked any kind of soap for moringa. I got used to the taste of it as a child; no wonder why my nana was still strong up until the age of 86

  10. Boring presentation. Doesn’t answer any questions and people here need help! How ignorant! Also, what is that dead animal around your neck? No help at all.

  11. I purchased 2 packs of morning a powder which I dived into with two heaped teaspoons in a smoothie! BIG mistake! I got a stomach pain which lasted around an hour, which is very unusual for me. My digestive system is almost ‘cast iron’. So I cut back to one level teaspoon, which was better , though not ideal in a smoothie. Was better sprinkled on food. So, I may change to capsules….

  12. Interesting how the leaf powder is the "go to" for him. Does this mean that the powder form maintains some of the glucomoringin and myronsinase in order to produce viable isothiocyanates I would assume that the drying process would ruin them.

  13. A Scandinavian country research has revealed some rough side effects for some people . I will try again but maybe 1/4 tsp next time. Maybe 1 or 2 times in the week. Lots of hype on new 'discoveries ' doesn't make it safe for all. Maybe i suffered a fluke… someone said it is good as a fertilizer , so if worst gets to worst I can still use it.

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