How We Took Ourselves Off Thyroid Medication (Hypothyroidism)

How We Took Ourselves Off Thyroid Medication (Hypothyroidism)

How We Took Ourselves Off Thyroid Medication (Hypothyroidism)

NOTE: This data is supposed for academic functions solely. I’m NOT a health care provider nor faux to be one. Nothing I say needs to be used to exchange skilled medical counseling. Also, PLEASE do your OWN analysis!
Also please see my thyroid replace video the place I additionally coated a bit on hyperthyroidism and Hasimotos:

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48 thoughts on “How We Took Ourselves Off Thyroid Medication (Hypothyroidism)”

  1. Very informative, I tried weaning off the thyroid meds. After 2 months my heart kept beating fast then slow, skipping a beat. So I went back on it, this time I'm trying again but will be doing this with the foods to add and eliminate as suggested here.
    May I suggest that post menopausal women should not use cast iron pots due to the iron that is released into the foods. I knew about aluminum pots pans yet still use them but I am going to purchase stainless steel. Thank you for all your healthy suggestions!

  2. Thank you! Some great points here and I can see a possible merge between healthy living and old practices. I think we were back here in 1970's and have returned to these and other topics. This is a reflection of a back to earth back to the farm movement and I am so appreciative and grateful!! Good change takes time but not forever!! God Bless!

  3. I got rid of my thyroid medication two years ago, also been on medication for 20 years!

    I had to stop because my heart was speeding. When it was ok again i started to go on thyroid med again in small amount but after nearly a year with on and of i stopped for good with a doctors confirm.

    I know what i did to get rid of it but it is several things together that did my thing!

    In sweden you cant get the ”pig-thyroid-med” (only few get it if you meet right doctor)

    The endocrinologist just laughed at me when i told her i wanted to try thyroidmed feom pig!

    Thank you for Informative program?

    Love and light from Sweden ❤

  4. In place of sugar, I use monk fruit (drops and/or powder). Tastes funny but you'll get used to it after a few uses. My health is much more important than my taste buds!!

  5. I have been on thyroid meds since 1993. They have always over-medicated me. I have been on Armour thyroid and was told NEVER put hormones from an animal into your body. The doctor said that you cannot regulate the Armour thyroid, plus it was also recalled a number of times in the last 2 years. I was taking that and it was recalled because the active ingredient was less than 90% what it should be. So it has taken me a good 18 months starting from the lowest mg to where I have now got it regulated being on Levothyroid. She said she was worried what it was doing to my heart being over medicated with thyroid hormone. Find a good endocrinologist. I know that when my levels are whacked out, I get loopy, hyper, can't sleep, my skin gets super dry, I can't focus, etc. I know my body and can tell when something is wrong or my levels are whacked out. I have found since 1993 that when I was under large amounts of stress it knocked my levels out. When my mom was dying, I kept forgetting to take my meds (was new at the time to this and wasn't told how important it was to take each day) my levels hit 100 and the doctor called me after my blood work and said are you taking your pills? Told her I couldn't remember due to the stress of my mom dying, I said why? She's like you should be in the hospital with brain issues because this was so high, she said I never saw anyone with levels so high in my 25 years being a doctor. Well that scared the hell out of me, so ask questions if you are doing a new medication. Plus always tell your doctor what you are taking in addition to your thyroid pill, some pills interact and can disrupt that thyroid pill especially take the same time every day.

  6. Almost 22 always been overweight just want to be healthy and have more energy. I have always resisted taking thyroid pill purely because I didn’t like how I felt. Just trying to learn what a healthy diet should be and how to discipline myself away from corn syrup, seed oils etc.

  7. You guys are crazy. Really, no news is good news? Ignorance is bliss, I guess. They already knew you don’t believe in the meds, they don’t have time to convince two bomb shelter believers. Bye bye

  8. Good eve, I am on meds for 6 weeks now for my hyperthyroidism. First month just 5g and after when the T4 got a bit higher I take 20g now. Ordered walnut oil now to massage my thyroid and coriander seeds now to cook and drink it in the morning. What do you think about that?

  9. FYI: See YouTube Dr Pradip Jamnadas, cardio. re Vitamin K. There are many Vit K. Vit K1- blood clotting. Vit K2 (M-K7) w, coconut oil, supplement form, taken w D3 (directs calcium from muscle tissue & veins etc & deposits in bones instead of calcium to arteries causing hard arteries). Vit K2 M-K4 is from meat but M-K7 works better, Love your videos & the wonderful info. I had heart bypass surgery in 2018 & error made , then had extensive stents to help. I take thyroid meds & want to get off meds. Have osteopenia-fractured L2 vertebrae in March '22. Trying to learn all I can to get off meds. TY all so much for all u share.. God bless you.

  10. Been on a thyroid rollercoaster for a long time. Finding a Dr. Who really gets it or really cares is hard. I have had to learn so much on my own. Been a long learning process. Getting off synthetic has helped but did it switching to an NDT. I want to just get off any of it would be great but don't know….. I'm curious how much of a dose you two were taking when you decided to stop.

  11. I get blood test every two weeks, I took them to my PC, he said my bad cholesterol. was too low, it was '2', he took my off the Statin I had asked previously if I needed to take it. Of all my dozen plus meds, glad to be rid anything that ends with Statin. I dry weigh three times a week, my weight from two years ago when my pants started to fall off is down from 108.? to 101.5, looking forward to 100.0. I watch my weight like I watch my FICO score. I told my dietician I keep losing weight I will be as skinny as her, I hope I wasn't impolite.

  12. People with high blood pressure have to be careful of licorice. DGL is a form of licorice that doesn't increase blood pressure but I don't know if it is beneficial for low thyroid.

  13. I've been on synthroid for probably 25+ years. I have a suspicion that this long-time use has caused me severe anxiety in the last few years. Any basis for this theory? I only have an 8 oz. cup of coffee w/half'n'half in the & stevia in the a.m. I avoid sugar, processed foods, alcohol & sugar.

  14. I had been on synthetic levothyroxine for almost 20 years, the last 5 years I seemed to be gaining weight like crazy. 1 year ago I was on the verge of CHF, couldn't lay down without shortness of breath and had horrible time sleeping. I felt like a walking water balloon and could barely go hiking anymore without chest pain. One doctor told me I had stage one kidney failure. My blood pressure was spiking up into the 200's at time. My TSH was over 100, I went to an MD that was fairly fresh out of residency. He asked me if I'd ever tried Armour (pig meds) and I said I've asked for it from several MD's and they refused. He put me on it, for the next 30 days I pee'd, and pee'd, and pee'd some more. I have never urinated that much in my life. I lost 40 lbs in 1.5 months and blood pressure came down, I no longer have the shortness of breath and blood came down dramatically and feel sooooooo much better. Last blood test TSH was 10 and T3 and T4 readings much better and he bumped up the meds a little bit. I truly believe that the synthetic hormones are causing some MAJOR health issues with people. Now it's time to get even healthier and try to get off the Armour but for now I'm on the right track.

  15. someone knows the he shou wu (Fallopia multiflora) is good or toxic to human? I am so confused about this one, I tried to do research but I saw half and half saying, some say it is so good for human health, some say it is toxic for livers. I am so confused. if someone know, please let me know

  16. I was just diagnosed with a sluggish thyroid, they put me on levothyroxin, it's really is not doing much, so I took some kelp and my energy level and well being improved so I didn't take the kelp for 3 days and started felling low energy again. So far since being diagnosed December 3rd it's the kelp that has been helping, I see my primary doctor today. I need help with my cholesterol also.
    I've also had 4 nuclear test multiple MRIs, I was diagnosed right after having the radiation or nuclear test.

  17. All oil including olive and coconut oil cause pancreatic cancer according to Dr Joel Wallach. Dr Joel Fuhrman and others say oil is toxic. It is on line. Rapeseed Oil was for your tractor so when they wanted people to eat it they had to change the name thus its now called canola oil, it is not organic nor is it healthy. Oil is more toxic to humans when it is heated so Steve Jobs a vegetarian died young from using oil to cook his vegetables according to Dr Wallach and other drs. Butter is healthy, better to cook with it.

  18. I was told back in 2005 that I have a bad thyroid. I added pink salt to my diet & put it on everything! I also quit all caffeine, sugar and simple starches. It ended up that my thyroid "miraculously" got better by my 2nd visit. I never filled the thyroid rx that were proscribed on that first visit.

  19. When I fasted my thyroid hurt. I have a thyroid nodule. Should I not fast? I have leaky gut. Heard that if you fast for three days it helps to gain weight and for inflammation.

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