How to Make Moringa Powder - Super Healthy - Tree of Life

How to Make Moringa Powder – Super Healthy – Tree of Life

How to Make Moringa Powder – Super Healthy – Tree of Life

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Moringa oleifera is a plant that has been praised for its well being advantages for 1000’s of years. It may be very wealthy in wholesome antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds. So far, scientists have solely investigated a fraction of the numerous reputed well being advantages. Here are 6 well being advantages of Moringa oleifera which can be supported by scientific analysis.

1. Moringa Oleifera Is Very Nutritious
2. Moringa Oleifera Is Rich in Antioxidants
3. Moringa May Lower Blood Sugar Levels
4. Moringa Oleifera May Reduce Inflammation
5. Moringa Can Lower Cholesterol
6. Moringa Oleifera May Protect Against Arsenic Toxicity

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How to make MORINGA Tree Leaf Powder

How to make MORINGA capsules for vitamin

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47 thoughts on “How to Make Moringa Powder – Super Healthy – Tree of Life”

  1. We don’t bleach those leaves especially if you are not using chemical sprays… just shake the leaves and then wash with water 3 times, to get rid of the dust. I ha e lots of those back in the Philippines. I cannot grow here in Northern California due to cool weather.. I envy your tree, they look healthy. Thanks for your video. ? ?

  2. Thank you, Shawn. very useful information. I have a Moringa tree on rooftop garden. I love it. Its continuously give some stick with flower in 12 months. Now i feel that if i cut the branch than i lost my favorite tree. again thanks from Bangladesh.

  3. A friend of mine living in rural and poor Zambia, Africa told me that in the few months of the year when regular food is a real challenge, locally grown and processed Moringa powder is mixed with Peanut Butter in equal parts. This is a life saver especially for very young children who would otherwise suffer from malnutrition.

  4. Thank you so much for the nerve breaking video.I live in Papua New Guinea where it's tropical and the moringa plant grows anywhere. I know know that I can turn it into a little business with your information .
    Thank you so much .
    I'm also interested in producing capsules so please send me information using What's Up. Will send you the number

  5. WE have that in great abundance everywhere in the just grows…we call it in some dialects : "MALUNG-GAY" .and especially considered "poor people s food" everything…it s TRUE it helps in many things…as dressing for wounds even…its juice can be bitter…so it s used as ''first aid" medication…also in all sorts of soups..with meats..anything really..even animals love it if it is mixed in their food…or they can ''reach" and munch its leaves and small twigs…i started to use it as a health juice ,,mixing with other veggies or herbs..something lemon like fruit we call 'CALAMANSI" (i never found it back in NYC where i lived for 36 years)…and honey…it s delicious frothy that way…

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe on how to make Moringa Capsule. Our country abounds in Moringa Tree and it is one of our healthy daily food. We mix it with anything we cook and do some smoothies with it. It's only now that I've known how to make a good Capsule product. Our first attempt was no good because we somewhat cook it . Again thank you. God bless you!
    I shared your video in my Facebook Account

  7. Hey Shawn,
    Little secret to where you might wanna try cutting your branches off at next harvest.
    Instead of cutting them all down close to the base again, cut up about 15-20inches from the fork. Or the base. This allows for more plumage to pop out all along that 15 inch piece you have just left on tree.
    Ok another little trick in your cleaning process I've just learned. Instead of 200° in the oven you can also try 4-5 hrs in the freezer..
    They say that will kill anything that's attached to the leaf like larva or eggs or what have you ..
    The oven might speed up the hatching time of said eggs or larva and you might have an issue. The bleach deal is not the greatest idea my friend. I believe it is destroying a lot of micro nutrients on a cellular level that are some important properties of the plant were looking for on a health benefit level also.
    I'm not a scientist or anything like that!! I just got a bad feeling for some reason when I saw the bleach bath.

  8. I own a moringa tree, and the bottom half has leaves that have dried up by the sun naturally, are they decreased or increased in its strength? Or should I dry them from fresh leaves instead? Thanks so much in advance.

  9. Thanks Shawn and wife for that added info on processing the leaves into powder. This makes it much easier for me. I'm in Africa and have 2 trees in my compound. The Morringa is like magic. It refuse to die even when you cut the trunk right down to about 5ft; after sometime you will just see fresh leaves coming out again.

  10. yes, cutting the branch at an angle will help prevent excess moisture settling on it (drains) and lessens the chance of disese to the plant…..and any size branch will regrow…the plant comes from a dryer climate so excess water is not necessary..

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