How to Keep Moringa Trees Alive Through Winter (the EASY way!)

How to Keep Moringa Trees Alive Through Winter (the EASY way!)

How to Keep Moringa Trees Alive Through Winter (the EASY manner!)

Can moringa bushes dwell by way of frost?

Yes, they’ll! Often, a moringa tree will freeze to the roots throughout a frost, generally regrowing when the climate warms up once more. However, we’ve discovered the easiest way to guarantee moringa bushes dwell by way of chilly climate is by defending the trunk with a hoop of wire filled with leaves. Protect the trunk and you will get significantly better regrowth the next spring. Today I reveal how to maintain moringa bushes alive by way of winter, in addition to share my ideas on rising moringa in chilly climates.

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38 thoughts on “How to Keep Moringa Trees Alive Through Winter (the EASY way!)”

  1. Hi David! Great info fir next year. I have a question. I brought my Moringa trees into an unheated room for the winter. They all survived, however they are about 12 ft tall in the large pots, and very spindly. I finally have a fenced area in which I can plant them. It is MY 28th in South Central Texas, zone 8b. Can I cut them down to about 3 feet a d put them into the ground?

  2. Moringa benefits a lot from pruning down to a 3’ trunk. I live in Hawaii and I have my tree in a sunny area and the leaves grow back larger and the shape of the tree is prettier, leaves are easy to pick off the tree. Only if you want the pods and flowers, then you would prune more lightly, if at all. I harvest the leaves, wash them and dry them by swishing them with long strokes in the air, like a pendulum motion and much of the water comes off. Then strip the leaves off the branches and dry them in the shade, tossing at least 2 times a day to aerate. When the leaves dry to a crackling state you can use the dried leaves for tea or grind into a powder for smoothies and cooking. They can last you through several months.

  3. Thanks for your video sharing and I would like to grow it! Could you please send me some seeds to Globe Arizona? I am appreciate it and thanks again!

  4. Thanks for your video sharing and I would like to grow it! Could you please send me some seeds to Globe Arizona? I am appreciate it and thanks again!

  5. I'm really interested in getting a moringa tree but I'm getting some information that it is invasive.
    I'm right in zone 8b.
    Do you have information on invasiveness

  6. Thanks for the tips… Not sure I'll grow it in northern AZ since we do have colder winters than most of the rest of the state. Who knows? Maybe I'll experiment with covering it with a black container & tons of mulch.

  7. I don't think I even need to watch other gardening channels anymore. All my questions are always answered here. Was looking at Moringa Tree at the nursery today and the shop keep was telling me it may or may not survive the Texas winter. So, to Google I go, and sure enough it takes me right here where my exact question is answered in 5 minutes, on a channel I already watch on the regular. Ty David!

  8. In a world of pain and sadness and endless misery. The only thing that keeps me going is that (bleep)ing tree. Should be the lyrics. Haha. This is a survival food channel. Thanks for the video.

  9. I stared one from seed this year and it’s just gotten to a reasonable size…about 2.5 ft. It’s in a pot now & I was planning to bring it in the house this year. ??? I’m in zone 5. Has anyone tried that?

  10. The secret is to cut the trunk to about four foot, wrap it with Christmas lights. When temps hit 35, turn lights on and cover with sleeping bag. If you do this the whole trunk will survive and will come back a lot faster then from ground. I have done this for years in Dunnellon Florida zone 9a. We might only have 5 – 12ish days a winter when this needs to be done.

  11. Great video! Thank you. Moringa is a miracle tree for many reasons. Food, yes. Water purification with 2 smashed seeds per liter, too. Something in moringa seeds produces a positive ion. Microbes are linear and have negative endings. Along comes, moringa smashed seeds and they introduce the positive ion and it turns the long rod of the microbe into a Cheerio (TM) making the microbe incapable of reproducing. It then sinks to the bottom of the murky water and before long the top 70% becomes drinkable/potable. But, it gets better than that. That chemical in the seeds can transfer it's positive ion to very fine sand. And that sand can be used as a water filter. Check out the woman's speech who talks about how to create "sticky sand" from Moringa. Few know about this. But, in essence, when the SHTF and people are drinking stagnant pool water – your Moringa pods/seeds will be able to keep you and your neighborhood alive allowing everyone to drink "clean" water. Check out Dr. Stephanie Butler's (Univ. of PA) speech about how to create "sticky sand" (positively charged) using Moringa.

  12. Hi, David, love your channel….but, I do have a question about the wire/leaf column. Didn't you just build some high rise condos for mice? Would some small grid wire with anchoring below soil level be better? I know…a lot more trouble.

  13. I planted a 10 inch moringa tree
    On the ground on
    August 28th. On September I had to go to a kitchenette hotel for 2 weeks because of flooding in my home. I thought the plant was already dead but surprisingly the tree was about 3 ft. tall Then again I had to stay in hotel for 12 days because my AC went kaput. I dint pay attention to the mornings tree until a moth later
    Wow it was about 6 ft tall.and it had
    Split into 2 separate trees. In October I noticed it lying down then it rained and those branches straightened out by themselves. It is 11/16/22 and that tree is more then 10 ft tall. Amazing to grow this tree with no green thumb!
    I live in Dallas Texas now I am searching to see how I can protect it from freezing. Any help is appreciated..but I guess my DON QUIJOTE (name of tree) will not last the winter ? ? ? ?

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