How To Grow Seeds with No Transplanting Moringa Plants Vegetable Greens

How To Grow Seeds with No Transplanting Moringa Plants Vegetable Greens

How To Grow Seeds with No Transplanting Moringa Plants Vegetable Greens

Starting seeds indoors, rising Moringa timber as a backyard inexperienced vegetable plant every year is Easy and Healthy edible meals. Malunggay Drumstick, Oleifera Seeds. Great Health Benefits consuming the leaves and extra.
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43 thoughts on “How To Grow Seeds with No Transplanting Moringa Plants Vegetable Greens”

  1. Thank you for making this I appreciate it a lot. I have some seeds I just received from eBay and I don’t know if they are good or not but if not I will try the link that you added in your description. Thank you for sharing

  2. I like the soup container idea! I was using plastic yogurt containers but this is better! I mentioned how if you planted it you could slice it or open the bottom I think I would cut off the bottom completely and then plant it and you could even slide the container off the top once it’s in the ground

  3. Hi Robbie, Well, you keep me so busy, sharing all your amazing knowledge! I'm finally able to try Moringa seeds. Our winters are cold in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, but the way you have described how to get these plants started, I'm excited to have a go. Things here are much more expensive than America. I got 10 seeds from Queensland, on Ebay, for $10.00. Even Tulle is stupidly expensive here, as is all garden stuff. However, once we're "Eating what we Grow", it doesn't matter!! I love your thorough explanations, you are an excellent teacher. I'm keen to get the nutrition from the Moringa leaves to better my health. Your videos have kept me sane (or do I just THINK I'm sane ha ha ha)? during this Covid era. Thanks so much Robbie and Gary. ???

  4. Hello. Im SO glad I found your channel.
    We're very interested in growing Moringa. Have some seeds already, and will try the paper towel method.
    I noticed your double stacked vertical tower. How did you support it.? Thanks, Dave and Marcy

  5. What did I do wrong, I live in northen ca, I grew one same way but it grew when I transplanted but this spring it hasnt came back because I lift it outside this last winter , I have a 5 feet tall stick but its green inside do I leave it alone or cut down and use has compose.

  6. Robbie, the moringa plant is not only very nutritious,, but it's also used for certain medical conditions. All parts of the plant can be use. And the pods, when young and tender, can be used in stews, etc.

  7. Hey Robbie, I live on the East coast where we have cold weather from late October through early May. If I were to grow one of these in doors, could it grow in a large pot and just be a house plant all year? Or would it still die come winter because of the cold climate?

  8. My SW Okla winters are too cold, but I have a long southfacing brick wall, so I'm going to attempt a small greenhouse cover, layers, and possibly supplemental heat to start inside and move out early, tall disposable containers to start the tap roots, and possibly a lean-to greenhouse panels in the fall to extend the growing season to try for viable seeds.

    I've been saving quart heavy cream cartons, these tall coconut milk boxes, and large mylar coffee bags to get close to a foot tall containers that I can plant right into the ground when it's warm enough, score the sides or cut vents like you did, or slice the bottom of the bag/ box so the plant can grow out into the soil. Excited to see the possibilities!

  9. I have had COPD for years and one day researching lemon and ginger and I saw "Fig Leaf Tea". It said fig leaf tea has been used for lung problems for centuries. I have 5 fig trees and make Fig Preserves but never heard to do anything with the leaves. Dry makes fine but if you make tea with fresh leaves, I read people eat the leaves as a green vegetable so I made tea and ate the leaves. Not my favorite vegetable but glad to know it is food when needed. And good for a lot more than breathing.

  10. I ordered moringa seeds on Amazon and have tried sprouting them in a damp paper towel in a paper bag. They never sprouted, in fact they started to rot. So then I tried them in paper cups outside on August 3, they still haven’t sprouted. Am I doing something wrong or did I get bad seeds?

  11. Hi Robbie my dad before he passed away he gave me two sticks of moringa and I planted them in pots I don’t have ground so it’s still in big pots but it doesn’t grow leaves until I chopped all small branches now they are more leaves and branches, I germinated some seeds too but didn’t survive, yes they don’t like to be transplant. Thanks for sharing your video. I will try to transplant my moringa maybe in spring after frost, take care ?‍?♥️??

  12. I did read that if the ground doesn't freeze you can cut it down to 3 feet, put a basket around it and stuff it with dry leaves; also the ground around it to keep it from freezing. It will come back the next year.

  13. Hello Robbie. Great video. Thanks! You mentioned Moringa are nitrogen fixing plants. Could I plant heirloom green onions around the moringa tree since green onions require nitrogen to grow and thrive (?)

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