How to Get INCREDIBLE Growth on New Moringa Trees!

How to Get INCREDIBLE Growth on New Moringa Trees!

How to Get INCREDIBLE Growth on New Moringa Trees!

Moringa bushes are actually unimaginable. They have wonderful well being advantages for the human physique, enhance soil fertility and could be the muse for productive animal fodder techniques. The query is, what’s the easiest way to begin them in desert environments? Today we present you the way our direct seed and transplanted bushes are faring with one far out performing the opposite!

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29 thoughts on “How to Get INCREDIBLE Growth on New Moringa Trees!”

  1. Greetings. My name is Rachmat from Aceh Province Indonesia, I'm a manufacturer moringa dried leaves. We can provide up to 100 kg fresh moringa dried leaves within 2 month and ready to deliver world wide. Please let me know if you need it. Thank you

  2. I plan to plant moringa seedlings to replace the trees I already have. I'm totally going renovate my farm, and the trees need to be removed and planted in another area.
    I'd like to share with you a new tree that's come to my attention recently. It may not be suitable for your environment.
    Have you ever heard of Nigerian Bitter Leaf?
    I'm experimenting with them and learning about their properties. So far I'm feeling they're on a par with moringa.

  3. My mornings trees grow after each pruning 3 feet per week! And after 4 weeks they start flowering and Stopp growing so farst. I grow them in a heated greenhouse. But I never had any pods on my trees growing.

  4. I have two moringa trees that I've done almost everything wrong with. I started them in small pots where they stayed for a couple of months–forgot them mostly. Put them in bigger pots, finally, and they wintered in an unheated greenhouse. Mostly unheated, they got some warmth whenever I dried clothes. The dryer vented onto a bunch of milk jugs filled with water. Put them in the ground spring of 2021. They had to think for quite a while before they decided to grow. Then, last fall, I finally got the 19 and lots of things didn't happen in a timely manner, so to speak. So–I really thought I'd killed them, they were just dead trunks, looking sad, but I treated them with benign neglect again and voila!! a tiny bit of green appeared at the base of the defunct trunk!!!!! So they have grown, slowly, in my heavy, black clay in central TX through this summer. When it gets cool , verging on cold, this winter, I plan to put a wire cage around them and fill it with pecan leaves. Sooooo, we'll see what happens. If (when?) they produce seed, I'll direct seed some around the chicken pen. BTW, I have abjectly apologized to them, several times, for treating them so poorly…just sayin'.

  5. Hi. We love your farm, big fans. Question, how cold does it get on your farm in winter? Will the Moringas be ok there? We are in Mojave and sometime its in 20ies over night but Moringa would be amazing tree for us if it survives winter.

  6. Moringa, native to South East Asia is the sole genus in the flowering plant family Moringaceae. The name is derived from Murungai, the "Tamil" word for drumstick, and the plant is commonly referred to as the drumstick tree.

  7. With your pigs, have you ever thought about acorn finishing them? If you planted southern live oak trees in rows and waited for then to acorn you could allow the pigs to finish on acorns and market that. Quercus Virginia “Joan leonetti” or Emory oak. Oak silvopasture

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