FEEDING MORINGA to CHICKEN (Benefits & How to prepare) Growth chicken booster and medicinal values.

FEEDING MORINGA to CHICKEN (Benefits & How to prepare) Growth chicken booster and medicinal values.

FEEDING MORINGA to CHICKEN (Benefits & How to put together) Growth chicken booster and medicinal values.

FEEDING MORINGA to CHICKEN (Benefits & How to put together) Growth chicken booster and medicinal values. Using moringa as a feed supply for chickens is now the norm in most components of the world. This is due to the nice dietary advantages that the plant affords within the efficiency of poultry birds, as well as to being economical and simple to get.

Moringa has develop into a superb different feed of chickens due to its excessive dietary worth. Therefore, it isn’t shocking that many skilled farmers think about it because the “superfood for birds”.

Moringa leaves are excessive in crude protein (25-30% CP) and include all of the important amino acids which might be required in a single meal. The following are the advantages of moringa to chickens and how to put together moringa for chicken.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this interesting information. God bless you. Please how do I preserve mornings? Can I mix with any feed ? e.g Ultima super starter or Ultima finisher?

  2. Thanks once again. Please I am still confused here. I am doing synthetic poultry. When do I mix the moringa in their feed. Is it from day one? What will happen if I want to give them vaccine or any other drugs?

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