Ep103 - Tour of Epic 2 year old Moringa Urban Food Forest in Phoenix!

Ep103 – Tour of Epic 2 year old Moringa Urban Food Forest in Phoenix!

Ep103 – Tour of Epic 2 year old Moringa Urban Food Forest in Phoenix!

watch the video of chopping this forest down 4 months later right here:

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“Periscope farm” on youtube right here:



Comment under what your favourite tree of Craigs yard is!

Get Dave-Approved MORINGA POWDER from HERE: www.developawesomeskills.com/iwantmoremoringa

Craig has an AMAZING yard. a 7000 sq. foot lot with a 2000 sq. foot home does not offer you a lot grime to work with… But see what Craig did with simply that! His Moringa bushes cover your complete entrance yard and attracting all types of butterflies bugs bees and hummingbirds. Phoenix is not only for deserts anymore!

Just a few Moringa Facts:
Moringa Oleifera Leaf is a superfood that may be eaten contemporary or powdered and used in some ways. It can be the MOST NUTRIENT DENSE FOOD ON THE PLANET! The leaves of the tree alone include:
46 Antioxidants
39 Anti-Inflammatories
18 – Amino Acids (8 of these are important amino acids out physique does not produce!)
23% Protein by weight
More potassium than Bananas
More Vitamin A than Carrots
The solely plant to include Zeatin – An Anti-Aging Hormone that helps reproduce mitochondria giving your physique vitality on the cell stage!


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43 thoughts on “Ep103 – Tour of Epic 2 year old Moringa Urban Food Forest in Phoenix!”

  1. Did you pla NV t that dragon fruit to grow up the moringa. I just got dr tree and wondering if I should plant it next to my shriveled moringa tree.

  2. I have always heard that wood chips would encourage bug infestation, like roaches, which draws in scorpions in the Phoenix area. Any problems with that??

  3. I have 9 moringas growing indoors right now in august… I might try and grow one outside before winter but I’m afraid it won’t survive because it’s so late in the year. Next year I’ll have my backyard forest going? (growing in Las Vegas). Is anyone growing these in Utah? I know people are growing these in snow and they just keep growing back.

  4. What part of the country is this located? I loved Moringa. I have been using the powder through the Zika company. It has brought my blood pressure down. Thanks for your YouTube videos.

  5. I believe that FEMALE plants are the pod producers. Gonna try growing this year in zone 6 and leave outside in winter to see what happens.
    My pets need better nutrition cause cats ate everyone I was growing indoors!

  6. Banana leaves infuse appealing delicate aroma and flavor to food. If you line a pot with the leaves and cook a Spanish Valenciana (a rice chicken dish with coconut milk) in it, that is delicious. Cook white rice in a pot lined with banana leaf, the rice will be tinged greenish at the bottom, infused with that same delicate flavor and aroma: The rice will taste better than when cooked in a rice cooker.

  7. I like adding Moringa leaves in burritos. The leaves can be added to Chicken Tinola, a light, simple, Filipino, soup dish. Check it out on You Tube. The leaves can be added to spinach dishes to make the dish much more nutritious. Add Moringa to any dish of your fancy, so long as you don't mind the look of tiny leaves in that dish.

  8. Have you ever tried papaya shake? Blend papaya with evaporated milk, add sugar or condensed milk to sweeten, add finely crushed ice. Oh, that's good. You can do the same with avocado shake. These are commonly enjoyed in the Philippines along with all kinds of deserts like "Halu-Halo", which are now copied and popularized in many parts of Asia, especially South Korea, Japan (and worldwide). Take Boba for example, had been enjoyed in the Philippines long before World War II. So that must have been before the year 1900, before my mom and dad were born. (I'm 73 years old). Now, Boba is so popular worldwide. Only, originally in the Philippines, we used natural ingredients like Sago Palm Fruits or Young Coconut Meat as main ingredients, instead of Tapioca Balls which are just recent inventions, after I was born.

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