Does Moringa Work

Does Moringa Work

Does Moringa Work

Here is is… Folks testimonies on Moringa. It’s not simply me that this has been superb for, and the feedback listed below are only some of the numerous we get day by day. We are NOT Dr’s and that is NOT medical recommendation, simply our testimony of how Moringa has modified our lives and the lives of others of their phrases…

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40 thoughts on “Does Moringa Work”

  1. For the love of god could you people who have benefited from moringa state how many milligrams of moringa you take for the benefit you receive.? This is extremely helpful information.

  2. In north Georgia I plan to try to grow it. I’ve heard it grows quickly from seed and I could either take it inside for winter or re-plant every year. Doing the research now.

  3. We have been planting a ton of moringas in our yard. I will now take it daily. How much should I blend to drink? I've had terrible pain in my left hip for three years. Hoping this will help. I've been on CBD and was about to get stem cells or something because nothing else has helped. Will report back.

  4. Morninga works, but I want to warn those on a blood thinner, especially Coumadin/warfarin. It will make you bleed. I do not understand but most natural pain killers thin the blood. This includes tumeric and marijuana. The only thing I have found that does not make you bleed is made from hops and is called Vinoprin. It works, not as well as some things for me, but it helps with the inflammation like aspirin does. Just be careful is all I am saying if you are in blood thinner.

  5. Dear humans, God has provided enough nutrients in world for your body just eat in minimal portions and also given treatment for almost evey disease. Just look around… Watch your symptoms carefully.. Watch your stomach first its the reason from almost every disease in your body.

  6. Moringa is amazing. Nature is the answer. All that we need is provided for us by the Creator. No "doctors" necessary. Eat right (raw fruits and vegetables – Genesis 1:29-30), stay away from toxic environments as much as possible (don't surround yourself with electrical pollution or radiation), stay away from allopathic poisons, and just be in Nature. We're sold this lie by the medical industry that Nature is out to get us (viruses and bacteria / Germ Theory) to keep us sick and dependent on their drugs and "vaccines," and to keep us afraid of our own bodies and other people. Total nonsense. We need to get back to Natural cures and remedies, and especially start aligning ourselves with Nature's Law.

  7. Another great natural medicine is kratom. It comes from the same plant family as the coffee tree, and works similarly on the opioid receptors as synthetic drugs, but not to the point of painful dependence. Yes, there are withdrawal symptoms after long-term use, but they're easier to tolerate and only last a few days. I used to take hydrocodone regularly for my condition (spina bifida), and when I discovered kratom I transitioned away from the pills with ease. In fact, it works better for my pain than the pills ever did due to all the other alkaloids in the plant that help with inflammation. Definitely look into it.

  8. I accidentally stumbled across your video a month ago, I have chronic pain in my wrists and shoulders due to inflammation.

    I was skeptical at first but desperate to ease the pain, so I ordered the Moringa and have been taking it now for over two weeks and I am honestly surprised how quickly the pain has decreased. Thank you so much for sharing God bless you love from Uk ?

  9. Real reviews of people who have taken moringa shows some very serious side effects. Your page shows you have a vested interest in promoting it's use. Perhaps it worked for you but, many other people had a very negative reaction. Records show its use can cause kidney damage.

  10. Hi guys ..thanks for your info about moringa….do you know if its safe to take with medications or as i have RA….and use methotrexate for my RA…..also i watched a video of yours saying you need prayers because someone exposed you have animals….What animals were they? I understand that you have the animals cause of your daughters illness. Are you guys still being faced with having to remove the animals? thanks again for your help with Moringa.. I noticed that you haven't posted any recent news about your own arthritis and is moringa still working for you? Norm

  11. moringa heals lung cancer too. be encouraged. Praise Our Father who art in Heaven for leading us to the things he has created for our help! Being in love with him has benefits!!!! Psalm 103:2-3

  12. I work at edible arrangements and it kills my body cutting fruit. I wonder if it will help my muscles in my back. I injured my shoulder and back when I was running into kroger and tripped over the curb. I am a senior. I have to have a cortizone shot every 3 months for it. I need another one but I think I am at my limit for shots. Do you think it could help. I have a lot of knots in my back and pain from the fall. What do you think???

  13. Brad, I live in southwest Alabama and I have started growing Moringa from seeds. This summer I grew 13 trees in pots in my carport where it gets morning sunshine. I harvested the leaves from my young Morinaga trees in early fall and dried them in a dark room. They kept their color and I processed the dried Moringa leaves in my blender into a powder form. I use it about three times a week and it is amazing how it helps my arthritis and muscle aches and joint aches. This spring I plan to plant the trees in my yard where they will get full sun. Right now they are still growing by leaps and bounds in my small greenhouse. I believe in this plant and plan to have a larger harvest in 2023. They will grow to the height of ten feet in one season and that will give me a year supply of Moringa for next year. lol I love what benefits the Moringa has and will be using it from now on. I will be 79 years old this coming July 2023. I wish I had known about Moringa a long time ago. :~)

  14. Be aware I ordered from Pura Vida over a about 5 weeks ago and only received 1/3 of items. No response from several emails asking for status. So now I have to go to the bank and ask for their help. Nothing to do with this channel except they do say that is the place they use and have interviewed the owner.

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