? Shocking Truth About MORINGA (Moringa Benefits & Side Effects)

? Shocking Truth About MORINGA (Moringa Benefits & Side Effects)

? Shocking Truth About MORINGA (Moringa Benefits & Side Effects)

Moringa oleifera plant is sort of a superfood and nearly each half could be very useful — leaf, bark, seed, flower, and root — as tea, in soup, in powder, as snuff, as oil, as a capsule, and many others. In this video, we check out well being advantages, unwanted effects, risks, lies, and exaggerations regarding moringa.





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36 thoughts on “? Shocking Truth About MORINGA (Moringa Benefits & Side Effects)”

  1. I have used the 500 mg tabs for pain and yes it did work. The only problem is that there was a statement on side effects for it being used while taking thyroid medication and blood pressure meds. I am going to run it by my Dr and see what they say.

  2. I am the former British karate champion.
    I am fit and healthy and strong, I was raw vegan for years, exclusively raw vegetables for the first year.

    I am an avid reader of health, I have read many studies on pubmed, moringa helps for everything mentioned in this video.

    Also my energy went through the roof.
    I could run for hours.
    I had sex with a girl, five minutes after meeting her in a park, for four hours a day, every day.

    I promise you, moringa is the best food in earth, I've tried everything almost.
    If you can name a health herb I've already tried it.

    I ate three to five whole Raw fresh moringa plants (from Indian shop called drumstick) I ate the seeds, the white pith in the pods and ate them raw.

    Also I ate the leaves as well a few times a week, all raw… Disgusting, yet healthier then anything in the world hands down.

    My spine column connective tissue was so spongy and full, my back could not possibly hunch, I went to perfect posture, incredible.

  3. Waooo…I Suffering Arthritis, also I have 3 dics from my back ( deslineados ).
    Also I Never heard about all the benefits that Plant ( Moringa ) has ….
    Just ones Question can you telling me it’s has Flavor I know it’s Powder but I would like to know if Moringa has flavor…
    Thank you!!!

  4. Please could you answer this question, I have a male freind who is 66 years old, he's been taking Moringa now for three weeks for Rhumatoid Arthritis, he just stopped taking it because he has diarrhea, he thinks Moringa could have cause this, please could you let me know if it did?

  5. I just took 7 grams for my first dose in the form of 7 of the 1 gram capsules. I'm considering the other methods because it smells good. Sort of a magnet to my senses.

  6. I purchased moringa powder recently. The first day I took a teaspoon in a smoothie and it was fine the next day I did the same again but this time I used a heaped teaspoon. After a couple hours of taking it I had to get home very quickly where I then spent a good four hours close to the toilet with the worst diarrhoea you can imagine. Its hard not to be graphic with my explanation so please excuse me. It got to the point where there was just water coming out and later in the afternoon it settled down and by the evening I was starving and managed to eat and hold down everything and then I realised it had passed. Has anyone had the same experience taking it or do you have an idea of what could have caused this? Moringa is the first supplement that hasn't agreed with me, and otherwise my body is in good condition I don't take any medications, I'm not allergic to much if anything at all. Thank you for any advice

  7. Dear Dr Malik, i have been taking moringa for about 2 years now, and i find helpful. I want to ask you is it good for the prostate or not, also the place where i was buying it before the color was a bright green, now yesterday i bought a bag from Amazon and the color is dark green almost brown, will that be good enough to eat, i mean what color should be. Also what's the best way to take moringa, i usually take with cereal, warm milk, turmeric and chia seeds. Please let me know these questions, your response will be greatly appreciated

  8. I have used Moring for my hypertension in form of tea , raw and pills…I grow a few young trees. My hypertension has eased and BP is in normal range. I have also used the teabags and oil for infections and skin lesions. I also make my own Moringa soap blends.

  9. welp, my mom use to cook 1 of my favorite filipino chicken dish called tinola and laced it with a bunch of moringa leaves or as we call it in philippines malunggay welp once i make enough money i wanna build a forest full of that tree both surface and in an underground war ready bunker out here in texas ? or any other gun states, im being loud about my plans cuz im hoping if i dont reach it some good people who sees my msg will adopt and maybe improve it!

  10. No. 3 is not true. Here in Philippines,Chicken soup with lots of Moringa leaves are the nest choice for lactating women specially those with difficulty in prpducing milk.

  11. Do I have the same experience here from drinking Moringa tea? I noticed everytime I consume Moringa tea I feel like I'm out of breath and dizzy as well as my palms in my hands and feet are getting sweat. I actually used to drink it 3x a day for almost a month straight and then I stopped cuz I can't take this awful feeling anymore any advice from y'all if I should proceed for drinking Moringa tea BTW I used to make tea from fresh leaves usually 2 strings of moringa and then i boiled it good for 3 cups it's kinda like 800ml of water and I boiled it approximately 10-15 minutes.

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